Don’t Touch THIS Turkey Because…

Once again we interviewed some turkeys as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday. Here is what they told us. They did not seem very excited about the upcoming holiday.

I am super wild and I am super fast and you will not cook me. I will hop, run and skip. You cannot catch up to me so you could not cook me. You will get tired in a minute. Your turkey-not-alegs will say, ” AAAAAAAAAH!”

I am tricky because I will pretend that I am reading, but then I will scare you. You will panic a lot. I am also aggressive, I can hit you really hard. So don’t even think about getting a hand on me!

Written by Dana

I am tricky so I am going to put you in the fire because you want to eat me for din-din. (SO STOP IT!) You are not nice to me. You are the most evil person in the world, so don’t pick me.

Written by Oscar

I have venom and I will spray you with my venom and you will die. I am also wild and I will peck you with my beak. Since I am wild you do not want to pick me.

Written by Aaron

I might defend myself by pecking you. I might get very agitated and wiggle and turkey eat beefaccidentally knock you into the pond. So you don’t want to pick me.

Written by Caitlyn

I am super wild and I run really fast. I will flap my wings at you. I will also step on you because I am very mean. So don’t pick me!

Written by Christabelle


Coral Reefs

coral reefDid you know  coral reefs are enormous ocean communities with millions of animals and sea plants that live in them? Potato cod, needle fish, box fish and octopus are some of the animals that live in a coral reef.

Some coral reefs grow on underwater mountains and volcanoes. Did you know that some of the coral reef’s polyps grow as long as one foot?

There are three kinds of coral reefs. They are barrier reefs, atolls and fringing reefs. Coal, oil and gas can harm coral reefs. When the water gets warmer, the reefs also get sick.

Written by Vanessa

Therapy Dogs

therapy dogsDogs help people by working at many different jobs. In 1976, Elain Smith started a program for training dogs to visit institutions.

Therapy dogs are not usually service dogs. Therapy dogs are trained to provide affection, comfort and love to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices and disaster areas.

Therapy dogs bring joy when people are sad.

Written by Katherine

Allergy Dogs

allergy dogDogs help people by working at many different jobs. Allergy dogs learn by first beginning with one odor and then they learn to detect other odors.

The allergy dogs use their sense of smell to warn its owner that the food has peanuts or milk if the person is allergic to them. If the scent is too old or the food is in a container, that blocks the odor, then the dog might miss it.

Allergy dogs help a person go to places where they couldn’t go before. Did you know that allergy dogs create a safe environment for people with allergies?

Written by Valeria


gorillasGorillas are members of the great ape family. Gorillas live in Africa. Some live in the mountains. Others live in the forests, swamps and lowlands. Gorillas eat ants, stems, snails, insects and leaves.

Gorillas can use a twig to fish for ants. Gorillas also use smells to silently warn other gorillas of danger.

Did you know that baby gorillas don’t crawl until they are two months old?

Written by Jenifer

The Stormy Day

lightningTwo kids named Katy and Jack and their dog Chase were in their apartment with their mom, Sarah. The lightning flashed. Chase scratched Katy and Jack really bad.

Their mom gasped and she was so disappointed with Chase. Their mom said to Chase, “You are a bad dog. Go to your room.”

“Are you okay?” asked their mom. “Yes,” said Jack and Katy. “Okay, let’s watch a movie called Aladdin and then we will eat dinner.”

When the movie ended, they ate pizza and then they went to bed with Chase.

Written by Kiara