Curious George On His Hover Board

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day George rode his curious george3hover board to Loch Lomond School. When he got there, he went inside to P.E. He played basketball with Ms. D’s class. Then George scored a basket. George began to throw the balls at Ms. D’s class. Mr. C. told George to stop.

Then George ran to the Art room. Mrs. Wright’s class was using the clay. George sat on the clay and squished it. He made a mess with the clay. George was sorry so George cleaned up the clay.

The man with the yellow hat picked George up after he had cleaned up the clay. George walked with the man in the yellow hat and George carried his hover board home.

~Written by Jose

Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day George and the man with the yellow hat went to the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. George curious georgewas excited when they entered the museum because he saw the gigantic elephant that was in the lobby. It reminded him of the elephants in the jungle where George once lived.

Then George and the man with the yellow hat went to see the dinosaurs. George saw the T-Rex, and hidden in a corner, George saw a box labeled, “CAUTION, time machine.” He was curious. George pushed a button on the time machine and suddenly, a live T-Rex came out of the box. George leaped on the T-Rex and he rode it to Loch Lomond School.

George had never been to a school so he was curious. George put the T-Rex in the bike parking area and tied him up at the bike rack. George walked to the front door and came into the school. George saw a yellow ball rolling on the floor. Suddenly a tall boy dashed out of a door and grabbed the ball. George was curious.

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SOL Super Stars

A tall tale written with love especially for Mrs. Blaemire’s 4th grade students.

On Thursday at Loch Lomond School all the 4th grade students had to take their reading SOL. Everyone was nervous but they knew they had worked hard all year.

computer testWhen they arrived at school, a breakfast banquet was set up in the cafeteria. The pancakes were stacked 50 feet high. The bacon was in a pan as large as the table. There was 100 gallons of syrup for the pancakes. What everyone did not know was that the syrup contained a magic potion that would enable all the students who had worked hard this year to get Passed Advance on their test.

When they went back to the classroom, all the students got ready for the test. When they logged into the computer, everyone gasped because there were 5,000 questions to answer! The students were undaunted and they immediately set to work.

All the strategies they had learned this year popped into their heads. They knew all the answers. It took only a short time to answer all 5,000 questions.

When the students found out their scores, everyone earned a Passed Advance. They celebrated with a huge party. Mrs. Werle bought 2,000 pizzas, 500 bottles of juice and 2,200 cupcakes. They decided that the SOLs were not so bad after all.

Ball Tidal Wave

On Wednesday night, my dad and I went to Billy Beez. I went to the ball room to play billy beezwith Jay, another friend. We battled dad and an enemy. That is when the epic adventure began.

Jay was going to get some balls but to his surprise 100 balls discharged from the ball tubes. The balls blasted Jay. We knew it was the enemy.

Once we could get some rest I ventured down to floor 1. I slid on some balls, accidentally making a ball tidal wave that covered the entire mall!

I chased the enemy to the huge slide. He went down the slide, flew to Asia and came back! It was a wild night at Billy Beez. I asked my dad if we could come back. He answered, “Yes.” It was a night with a lot of commotion.

A tall tale written by Will


water bottles0ne day my Mom, Dad and my brothers went to Wal-Mart.  I bought 10,000,000 bottles of water. I went to my house. I drank 5,000,000 bottles of water.

I felt sick! My belly was as big as a giant balloon. My brothers tapped on my belly and it exploded! I was in 1,000 pieces.

My mom picked up all the pieces and put me in the recycle bin.

A tall tale written by Marvin

The Crazy Happy Meal

french-fries-628x363On Monday, Steven, Jose and Hector went to McDonald’s. They were very hungry. They wanted to get a happy meal. Then they gave us our happy meal.

We opened the box. First, we took out the chicken nuggets. Then we took out the French fries, but the French fries were in a big box. The box was bigger than the McDonald’s! I looked for the catsup. We got 10,000,000 packs of catsup. I put all the catsup on my French fries. It took all day and it made a gigantic catsup lake. I swam home. It was a very weird day at McDonald’s.

A tall tale written by Steven

Blackbeard the Pirate

Blackbeard was a famous pirate who stole loot from other ships. His real name was Edward Teach. He was born in Bristol, England, around 1680. No one knows very much blackbeardabout Blackbeard’s early life.

He got his ship by stealing other ships. He got his ship by taking command of  a large captured French ship. He renamed his ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge. He said his ship back and forth across the Southern Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

He got the name Blackbeard because of his long, black beard that had black ribbons tied in it. His ship’s flag had a person stabbing a heart and an hourglass. The hourglass showed that the victim only had a short time to live or a short time before Blackbeard would attack.

Blackbeard died on November 22, 1718, in a battle with Maynard’s ships. He was shot five times and then they threw him in the ocean.

It was fun learning about Blackbeard.

~Written by Jayden

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a slave who escaped to the North to be free. She also helped other harriet tubmanslaves escape. Harriet was born in Dorchester County, Maryland, in 1820. She was born a slave and she was treated badly by her owners. Harriet had 8 brothers and a sister.

Harriet escaped from slavery in 1849. she helped many slaves escape on the Underground Railroad. She was also given the name General Tubman. Harriet died on March 10, 1913, in Auburn, New York.

~Written by Marvin

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is a famous scientist who studied the chimpanzees in Africa. She was born jane goodall 1in London, England on April 3, 1934. Her father gave Jane a toy chimpanzee when she was one years old. She named it Jubilee and she still has Jubilee.

Once when Jane was a little girl she watched a chicken for five hours waiting for it to lay an egg. Her family called the police because they thought she was missing. Jane loved books about animals and Africa, especially the stories of Dr. Doolittle and Tarzan.

Jane moved to Africa when she was an adult. She studied the chimpanzees and she learned that chimpanzees use tools and eat meat. Jane Goodall got in trouble from other scientists because she named the chimps.

Jane Goodall is still alive.  She travels and talks to people about saving the chimpanzees. She still visits her home in Africa.

~written by Katrina

Insulating Ice Pops

Last week in school we learned about conductors and insulators. We used hand warmers and thermometers to investigate different materials. We found out paper and foam were the best insulators.stem ice pops

Then we had to design a container that would keep the ice pops from melting for one hour. Before they were frozen we measured and the ice pops had 170 ml of liquid.

Our class designed 4 different containers to keep the ice pops frozen. We used paper boxes, plastic and foam. We put the ice pops in the containers and after one hour the ice pop in the best insulated container had only melted 4 ml! We checked the ice pops at 2 hours and 4 hours. By the end of the day, 5 hours later, only 44 ml had melted from the same ice pop. We discovered that plastic was the best insulator for our containers. It was fun doing the experiment.

~Written by Katherine – 2nd grade scientist

Japanese Giant Salamander

The Japanese Giant Salamander looks like a weird looking alligator and frog. They can be giant salamanderfive feet long. They have flat bodies that are yellowish-brown, reddish-brown or black. They only live in Japan.

They eat fish, bugs, crabs, mice and frogs. Female salamanders lay about 400-500 eggs. They do not see well but they have small sensory bumps on their head. I used to be scared of salamanders, but they only live in Japan and I live in Virginia.

~Written by Joshua

Naked Mole Rats

Naked mole rats are rodents that spend all their lives in underground burrows in the dark. naked mole ratThey live in Africa. A naked mole rat is three inches long. I always thought naked mole rats were one foot long.

They have grayish-pink wrinkled skin.The queen is not born being a queen. She has to fight her way to the top. They also have soldiers and worker mole rates. Naked mole rates eat tubers and roots. Naked mole rats are not moles or rats. I like the naked mole rats because I think they are cute.

~Written by Gabriella


puffinsPuffins spend most of their life on the open ocean. They have back bodies with white bellies and they also have white faces with colorful beaks. They live along the North Atlantic and North Pacific shorelines and in the Arctic.

They eat fish, krill and squid. They use their feet as a rudder. Their beaks meet at different angles to help them carry fish. Puffins wings flap 400 times per minute and they can fly 90 km an hour! Puffins are very cute.

~Written by Will

Goliath Bird-Eating Spiders

The Goliath bird-eating spider is the biggest spider in the world. Goliath bird-eating goliath bird eater spiderspiders eat insects, rodents, bats, snakes and lizards. Some of their adaptations are they make a hissing noise to tell their enemies to leave them alone. Some fun facts are they have one inch long fangs and they also lay up to 200 eggs.

Goliath bird-eating spiders can be more than 12 inches long. They can be dark or light brown and they have dark stripes on their legs. They live in burrows in the northern part of South America. It was fun to learn about Goliath bird-eating spiders.

~Written by Melany

Desert Tortoise

A desert tortoise is a reptile. Desert tortoises can grow to be ten to to twelve inches long. They can weigh eight to fifteen pounds. Their shells can be greenish tan to brown. They dig desert-totoisepits in the soil to catch rainwater. Their flat, heavy front legs and very long nails help them dig burrows.

A female desert tortoise will lay 4 to 8 ping-pong sized eggs at one time. An adult desert tortoise can survive a year without water. They live in burrows in the Mexican desert, southwestern deserts of the United States and northwestern Mexico.

They eat freshly fallen leaves, tree fruit, flowers, succulents, grasses, shrubs and woody vines. Desert tortoises were fun to learn about.

~Written by Jayden