Pumpkin Acrostic Poems

Pick the biggest pumpkin.

pumpkinUnder the greenest vine

Mmmmmm! Let’s make a pie.

Put the pumpkin pie in the oven.

Keep our pie and eat it.

I ate a gigantic slice.

Now I am ready for bed.

~Written by Anthony



Pumpkins are all around the place.


Under the picnic table a big pumpkin is there.

Maybe I’m going to get it.

Put the pumpkin in the car.

Keep the pumpkin and put in some light.

In the night it will glow.

Now I have a Jack ‘O lantern.

~Written by Jonathan







The Spooky Old Corn Maze

Once upon a time, two brothers and a sister were getting ready to go to the spooky old farm.  Jake, Bloom and Frank were excited to get a pumpkin, have apple cider, and go through the spooky old corn maze.

corn mazeFrank was the youngest.  He was ten years old.  He was scared to go into the corn maze.  Jake, who was fifteen years old, and Bloom, who was thirteen years old, were excited to go.  Their mom dropped them off at the spooky old farm.

The farm was so spooky and a fog was coming around everything.  There was a spooky old house that looked haunted and a spooky graveyard.  Frank, Bloom, and Jake went inside to get some apple cider.  They were ready to enter the corn maze.  As soon as they entered the maze, a gate slammed shut and they were trapped!

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Blowing Bubbles

cloudFor our first experiment this year we wanted to find out which bubble solution would produce the longest lasting bubbles. We made a glycerine, soap and water solution in our classroom. We also had a store bought bubble solution.

We went outside and blew bubbles using each of the solutions. We did two trials. We discovered that our glycerine solution made the longest lasting bubbles. We also learned that bubbles have three layers – soap, water and soap. They surround the air which is in the middle of the bubble.

~Written by Fernanda and Cristian – 2nd Grade Scientists

My Lost Phone

cell phoneOne day I lost my phone in my house. Here’s how it was.  I was sleeping in my bed. When the sun came up, I woke up and I looked under my pillow for my phone, but I could not find it. Later, when I got home from school, my dad was there and I asked him if he had my phone. He said, “No.” I said, “I’m going to ask Mom if she has my phone.” She said, “No,” so I checked in my mom’s bag and it was there! I said with much happiness, “I found it!”

~Written by Keyri

The Ghost and My Dog

ghostOne day I took my dog out of his cage because he was barking. He ran away. He went to my Grandma’s room and he was barking at the wall. Then, I saw a ghost by the wall! That was why my dog was barking. He had seen the ghost. Suddenly, the ghost was gone. I was happy that I had found my dog and that the ghost had left.

~Written by Adrian

I Am

I-AmI am Yasmin Reyes.

I wonder how my future is going to be.

I hear what people want to say.

I see good not evil.

I want everyone in peace not violence.

I pretend that everyone is happy in the world.

I feel I will change the world in some good way.

I worry I will never follow my dreams.

I cry for what I fight for.

I understand I am not perfect.

I say we fight for what is right.

I dream the world will be in peace.

I am Yasmin Reyes


~Written by Yasmin Reyes

Mrs. Blaemire’s 4th grade student

June 2017

Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond School

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day George and the man with the yellow hat were walking around the city. They saw a big uppercase Y curious george 8hidden in the trees. They started walking closer to it. Ten seconds later, angry birds flew through the sky and attacked them. George was so scared that he climbed up the tree. He saw the slingshot and jumped on it. The slingshot shot him all the way to Loch Lomond School. He banged into the white brick.

After a few minutes, he felt better. He looked everywhere and then he found a door. He opened the door. He saw Mr. Nowak going to Mrs. Dominick’s classroom. George was curious. George followed Mr. Nowak.  Mr. Nowak was telling the class to do painting. One minute later… they started painting. George opened the door. He looked around the classroom and accidentally knocked into a desk. He dropped everything. George ran like a maniac out the door.

Next, he heard music. He followed the music and it led him to Ms. Miller’s class. He grabbed the door and opened it. Mrs. Taylor looked at him and said, “George, do you want to play the tambourine?” George said, “Yes.” He played with the tambourine. Suddenly, there was a big commotion so George ran away.

He found the cafeteria and went in. They forgot to close the place where you pick up your food, so George went in. He found a knife and some sausages. He chopped the sausages into smithereens. George ate all the little pieces.

Mrs. Werle came into the cafeteria and said, “George, please come into my office.” Mrs. Werle asked George, “Can you clean up my office, please?” George said, “Yes” and he cleaned up her desk. At the end of the day, the man with the yellow hat was waiting outside the school. They went in their car and drove away to their house.

~Written by Joshua


Curious George Rides a Motorcycle to Loch Lomond

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day the man with the yellow hat won a motorcycle. George asked the man with the yellow hat if they could go curious george 5to Loch Lomond  School. The man with the yellow hat said. “Yes, let’s go there right now.” So, they rode the motorcycle to Loch Lomond.

When they got there, George went into the school. George saw Mrs. Wright’s class. He followed them to their classroom. They were correcting their problem of the day. George wanted to help. He got a pencil and a green journal off someone’s desk and wrote in it. Then that person said, “HEY!” George got scared and he dashed out of the room.

He ended up at P.E. He went in the gym. He saw people doing rotations. He wanted to do something, too. He went in the closet and got everything out of the closet. Then Mr. C. said loudly, “WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED HERE?” George got scared and ran out of the P.E. room and ended up at Art.

Then he went in the art room and he saw everybody painting. George wanted to paint, too. He painted on the walls. When Mr. Nowak came, he asked, “What happened?” The class shrugged. When George heard Mr. Nowak, George gasped. Then he got a sponge and cleaned the walls.

When George was done, the bell for dismissal rang. George went outside and he saw the man with the yellow hat. Then they both went home on the motorcycle. George had lots of fun at Loch Lomond.

~Written by Josehin

Curious George Rides the Bus to Loch Lomond

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. George saw a school bus. Curious-George 7He got on the bus. He was curious. The bus went to Loch Lomond School.

George went inside the school. A class was going to Art. George went in the Art room. He spilled the paint. The papers were ruined. He said he was sorry because he made a big mess at Art.

He went to the door and he walked to the playground. He ran to the monkey bars and he said the monkey bars were George’s. A girl was on the swings. George twisted the swings. Mrs. Dominick was outside and she told George to stop. He said he was sorry.

At the end of the day, the bus came. When he got off the bus he told the man with the yellow hat about his day at school.

~Written by Allison





Curious George Parachutes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day George went to the airport. George and the man in the yellow hat were going to New York City. While curious_george_5they were on the plane, George saw a school. It was Loch Lomond School. He grabbed a parachute. He jumped out the door of the airplane. He ventured through the sky. George opened his parachute. When he reached the ground, he tumbled on to the school roof. George climbed down and he went in the school.

He went to the office. He asked where room 209 was. He knocked on the door. Mrs. Wright was there so George went in the room. He saw Mrs. Wright’s class moving desks for music. He moved some and they fell over onto  the floor. All the stuff from the desks fell out. Meanwhile… the man with the yellow hat got a call from the school. They told him that George had come to school. The man with the yellow hat gasped! He knew George had jumped out of the plane, but he did not know why.

Back at school, George had to clean up the mess he had made in Mrs. Wright’s classroom. George felt sad, so he cleaned up the mess from the desks. Then he slowly trudged out of the room. George saw Ms. Miley’s class playing volleyball. George wanted to play, so he grabbed the ball. He backed up and threw the ball. It hit the window, broke it and bounced and hit Mr. C. Mr. C fell on the floor and passed out! Mr. C. was taken to the nurse.

George got scared and ran away. He ran to the Art room. He walked in the room and nobody was there. Then he heard a class coming down the hall. He hid in a cabinet. George came out and the class was painting. George sat down and painted, but he got the paint all over everyone at his table. Mr. Nowak told George to clean up the mess and then to go home. George cleaned up the mess. Then he got on a bus to go to New York City to meet the man with the yellow hat.

~Written by Gabriella