Teleporting to Mars

On Tuesday Jamie and Gerson were at the pool because second grade was learning lg-rec-pool-indoor-roomviewto swim. The lifeguard told Jamie to jump into the pool. Jamie jumped in the water.


Jaime was surprised he was on Mars. He walked around and saw an alien. Jaime started running in circles and then he was teleported back to the pool.

Jamie and Gerson jumped in the pool but there was no water.  They wondered if the water was still on Mars.

They got out of the pool.  They went to relax.

Then one minute later the water fell from the sky and was back in the pool.  When they jumped into the pool, they teleported to a beach.  Jamie put his feet in the water.  The water got so big that they teleported back to the pool.  They decided to go home. It had been a crazy day.

A tall tale written by Adrian Hernandez

Boomerang Ride

One day, Jose and Anthony went to the beach. Jose was swimming, but Anthony was boomeranghot and laying on the beach towel. Jose said, “Come in.” Anthony went in the ocean.

Suddenly a portal sucked Jose and Anthony and it brought them to Mars. Suddenly, a giant boomerang appeared in the Martian sky. They jumped up and grabbed on to it and it took them back to the beach. “Wow, that was weird!” said Jose. “Let’s go back in the ocean,” said Anthony. Jose and Anthony went in the ocean. While they were in the ocean a shark ate them and spit them out at home.

“Soooooo!” said Anthony. “Yah! Finally, we’re home!” said Jose.

A tall tale written by Jorel


My favorite game is GTS because you can do stunts, tricks and fly. Also you can wear a gtsskull and gold. You can earn gold cars and gold suits. You can look at TV and drive a gold car. You can get cars and race cars. You can get outfits, have your own pool and own home.

GTS is my favorite game because the graphics are very realistic.

~Written by Anthony

Mickey Mouse’s Surprise

One day Antonio and Adrian wanted to go to Disney World. They took their car and mickey mousedrove to Disney World. They went to the gate and discovered that they had left their money at home. They were sad because they did not have tickets to go into the park.

They started to leave because they were still sad. Suddenly, Mickey Mouse came strutting out of the park. He gave them free tickets for Disney World. They were so excited! They went through the gate. They went to see Buzz Lightyear. They had fun at Disney World.

Antonio and Adrian found Mickey Mouse and thanked him for the fun day.

~Written by Cristian M.


Once upon a time Keyri and Allison were at the playground at Loch Lomond School. They were playing soccer at recess.

robber2Then they saw six men carrying computers out of the school. Keyri and Allison were suspicious. They wondered if the men were robbers.

The teacher used the radio and called the police. The police came to Loch Lomond School. They saw the six men and they took them to jail. Allison and Keyri were glad because they were gone. They went back and finished playing soccer. Then recess was over.

~Written by Genesis

Shrinking Machine Adventure

One day there were three brothers named Bonbon, D.J. and the last brother was Max. They built a shrinking machine in the house. Then, someone accidentally pressed the shrinking machineshrinking machine’s button. The brothers shrank and they ran to the basement. They saw water. Bonbon slipped on the water and then Max asked, “What happened?” Bonbon said, “I slipped.”

In the basement they found another shrinking machine. D.J. was suspicious but he still pressed the button. They went back to normal size again. D.J. and Bonbon decided that they did not like to be little.

They left the basement and told their dad all about the shrinking adventure.

~Written by Antonio

Bird Visitor

Once upon a time there were two friends named Allison and Genesis. They were working parakeethard on their worksheet. Then Mrs. Wright said, “Time for lunch!”

On the way to lunch they heard a lot of noise. When they got to lunch a bird was flying near the tables. All the kids were surprised because there was a bird in the cafeteria. It was eating the food and flying all over the place. The bird broke everything!

Then Genesis’ friend said, “That’s my bird!” She wanted to get her pet. She called her dad and asked him to bring the bird cage. Her dad brought the bird cage and caught the bird. He took it home and everything went back to normal.

~Written by Allison


Little Cat was playing in the backyard with Dog. Dog said, “Let’s play ball.” Then dog went dog and catinside his dog house. Little Cat played a little more and then he went inside his cat house.

Later, Dog went outside and his owners said, “We are going to sell you because we are moving.” Dog was sad, but little Cat scared the people who wanted to buy Dog.

So, no one bought him and Dog was safe. Dog and Little Cat were happy because no one bought Dog.

~Written by Jose M.

The Crazy Field Trip

On Friday, Kevin and Jeffery were excited because their class was going on a field trip. They were in the kitchen packing their lunches. They packed Oreo cookies, tuna sandwiches and Takis. They hurried out of their house to get on Bus 437.

When they got to Loch Lomond School Ms. Lily, their teacher, told them to put the lunches in a big bag so they could take them on the field trip. Ms. Lily told her class to get their jackets, line up and get on the bus. They were on their way to the Washington gorillaNational Zoo.

Finally, after riding the bus for one hour, the class got to the zoo. They wanted to go to the gorillas, first. Kevin and Jeffery led the class towards the gorillas. When they got there the gorillas were eating bananas. They seemed like they were enjoying their fruit.

Suddenly, one of the gorillas felt something strange in his banana. He opened his mouth and he was surprised when he found a key. He quickly showed it to his gorilla friends. Continue reading


The tarantula is the largest spider in the world. They live in the ground, in the desert and tarantula 2in forests. They eat insects, frogs, lizards, bats, mice and snakes. They have fangs with venom to catch their prey. How you ask? It makes its prey stop moving.

Their hairs sense heat, cold and things that move. They have eight eyes, but don’t see very well. An adult tarantula can live up to 30 years. Female tarantulas live much longer than the male tarantula.

~Written by Lisbeth


Elephants are the largest land animal in the world. Mud and dust helps protect an elephant’s skin from insect bites and the sun’s heat. Did you know elephants have the elephantlargest ears of any animal?

Elephants eat so much that they can’t stay in one place for a very long time. Did you know that elephants often walk in single file lines to go to a different place?

An elephant’s trunk has no bones, but it has thousand of muscles.  An Asian elephant has a smaller and rounder body than the African elephant. The African elephant is bigger than the Asian elephant.

An African elephant lives in grasslands and forests. They eat seeds, flowers, leaves, bark, fruit, branches and grass. Did you know that a male elephant can weigh as much as six cars?

~Written by Jaime