Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond School

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. One day, George was watching You Tube on his iPad. He saw an interesting video about Loch Lomond Elementary School. He asked the man with the yellow hat if he could go to Loch curious_george_5Lomond. The man said, “Yes, when do you want to go?” George said he would like to go later that morning. So, they rode to Loch Lomond on the man with the yellow hat’s motorcycle.

The man with the yellow hat stopped in front of the school and George enthusiastically jumped off the motorcycle. The man with the yellow hat told George to have fun and to stay out of trouble.

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Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. He woke up one morning and went to breakfast and the man with the yellow hat said, “You are going to school.” curious george3 George asked, “What kind of school?” The man with the yellow hat said, “You are going to Loch Lomond School.”

He took his four-wheeler to school. He did not see anybody going in the building so he kept riding his four- wheeler. George was having fun. Then he saw people going in the school. So he parked his four-wheeler and went inside the building.

George went to Mr. C’s room and played football. He got so exited he accidentally broke a light. Mr. C yelled at George! He said, “Get out of here!” George was scared so he got out of the gym.

Next George went to the playground and he played with Mrs. Wright’s class. When the teacher said come in he did. George jumped off the swing, twisted and it accidentally broke. Mrs. Wright took him to the office. Then Mrs. Werle said George would have to fix the swing.

Next he went to Ms. Daily’s class. He knocked on the door but nobody answered. So he went in the door and he jumped on her desk. Then he was curious about the smartboard. He looked at the smartboard. George was sad because he did not have a smartboard at his house. George started to swing on the projector and it broke the smartboard. When Ms. Daily’s class came back from taking their math SOLs they were surprised to find George playing on the projector.

They picked up George and took him to the office. The principal said, “Not again!” She asked, “How curious are you?”  George did not answer so he sat in Mrs. Werle’s office. He finally talked and he said, “I will replace everything I broke.” She said, “That is going to be $8,000 to pay.” George said, “I need a job.” She said, “You can work here.”

Soon it was near the end of the day. They had 10 minutes left of school. When they called for walkers, George rode his four wheeler home. He went inside his house. The man with the yellow hat said, “Go to your room because you owe $8,000.” George was scared so he went to his room. He finally got out of his room and George explained that he going to work at Loch Lomond to pay for the two things he broke.

~written by Daniel

Curious George’s Tire Swing Adventure

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. One day the man in the yellow hat made a tire swing. George was curious. He accidentally broke the tire. George was in the middle of the tire as it rolled to Loch Lomond Elementary School.

curious george 4Bang! The tire crashed into the fire alarm. Beep! Beep! The alarm went off. George followed a class as they walked out of classroom. Soon the class went back inside the school building.

George was hungry and the teacher said it was lunch time. George ate a banana and left the peel which had fallen on the floor. Someone slipped and soon everyone was on the floor because they had all slipped. George admitted that he had left the banana peels and he was sorry they made people slip.

Soon George followed a class as they went to the classroom. George figured out that it was Mrs. Dominick’s class. It was reading time. George accidentally ripped a book. Then George took tape and repaired the book. The class was so happy they asked George to be their class pet.

George found his tire and went home. George said that he hopes to come again to Loch Lomond.

Oops! On the way home, George crashed into a big rock. George started rolling in a circle. Bang! George crashed into the same rock. “George, come home!” said the man in the yellow hat. Now George found his tire and went home He hopes to return to Loch Lomond one day.

Written by Karby


Boom!  Even though an explosive, creepy creeper blows up my house, I will still like to play Minecraft.  At night I go out and fight furious animals and monsters like angry pigs, mad cows, and furious sheep in addition to explosive creepers, dangerous zombies, bad zombie pig men, creepy spiders, and the most dangerous of all – slender men and the wolves!  I can’t wait to go home and play Minecraft – my favorite activity!

The first thing I do is go chop trees to make my craft box and house.  I have to build my house during the day or if not, the monsters and the animals might get me.  The only thing I’m screed of is the creepers, flaming zombies and animals.  I have to tame the animals so I can get milk, meat, eggs, and chicken.  But before I do that, I have to find a bone to give to a wolf so it can protect me from the animals and monsters.  When I have the wolf, I go mining.

Now I get clay, diamonds, iron, rock, and soil.  I make two clay pots to get milk and water.  I have to make a shovel, sword, and an axe.  I go get dirt and flowers to feed to the animals.  Now, the cow gives me milk, the chicken gives me some eggs, and I can shave the sheep’s wool.  I go to the forest to chop trees and get pigs.  I make my bed of wool and wood.  I make my kitchen and stone cutter out of stone.

Now that I have my house and tools, I have to go get a string and more diamonds to make a bow and arrow to go hunt pigs so I can have dinner.  After that I went to get water so I can drink it.  After I’m done, I go to sleep.  Now I have everything I need.  I can now explode the rest of the land!