gorillasGorillas are members of the great ape family. Gorillas live in Africa. Some live in the mountains. Others live in the forests, swamps and lowlands. Gorillas eat ants, stems, snails, insects and leaves.

Gorillas can use a twig to fish for ants. Gorillas also use smells to silently warn other gorillas of danger.

Did you know that baby gorillas don’t crawl until they are two months old?

Written by Jenifer

The Stormy Day

lightningTwo kids named Katy and Jack and their dog Chase were in their apartment with their mom, Sarah. The lightning flashed. Chase scratched Katy and Jack really bad.

Their mom gasped and she was so disappointed with Chase. Their mom said to Chase, “You are a bad dog. Go to your room.”

“Are you okay?” asked their mom. “Yes,” said Jack and Katy. “Okay, let’s watch a movie called Aladdin and then we will eat dinner.”

When the movie ended, they ate pizza and then they went to bed with Chase.

Written by Kiara

The Best Dog Tricks’ Contest

One sunny day Bella the two months old Husky puppy and Jacob the two years old husky puppyGolden Retriever were getting ready to go to the park. They rode in the car to go to the Best Dog Tricks’ Contest. Bella and Jacob were excited, nervous and a little scared because they had never done their tricks in front of an audience.

When they got to the park Bella and Jacob saw a giant trophy shaped like a bone sitting on a table. They started barking and wagging their tails because they wanted to be in first place. There were a lot of other dogs at the contest. All the dogs wanted to win the trophy.

golden with frisbeBella and Jacob got their number and waited for the contest to start. The announcer called all the dogs who entered the Frisbee throw. Jacob hurried to the start line and Bella told Jacob to have good luck. Jacob ran and jumped high and he caught it. The audience cheered.

Soon it was Bella’s turn. She raced to chase the Frisbee. Bella jumped in the air, caught the Frisbee but when she came down she fell into a hole. Bella started to whine and whimper. Jacob hurried to Bella and asked, “Are you okay?” Bella told Jacob that her leg was hurting. Jacob asked Bella if she could walk on her sore leg. Bella tried to walk on her leg, but she fell again.

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tornado-origOne day I went to watch the news. I saw that a tornado was coming. So we went to my mom’s car and drove to visit my dad’s friend.

Three hours later we went back home and then we saw that a tree had fallen on the roof of our house! We called the builders and they said they would fix it.

We had to live in a hotel. We get to move back in our house on October 9. We are very happy.

Written by Jonathan


crash-clipartOne day I got in our car. We were going to the store. We crashed into another car. My dad and I got hurt and scared. The rescue squad came and they said we were okay.

We got home safely and we were glad to get home. I was glad to see my mom and my brother. We were glad but my brother kept asking me if I was okay. He was so annoying because he would not stop.

Written by Savannah

Johnny Appleseed

My class celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day this year by making applesauce and writing acrostic poems about Johnny. We hope you enjoy them.

Job to plant apple seeds.johnny-appleseed-2

Outdoors so he can plant seeds.

Home was in the west.

Nice because he gave apples to the people.

Never gave up.

Your apples are good.

Written by Daniel


Johnny makes juicy apples.

Outside he planted apple trees.johnny_appleseed_in_color_184195226_std

He worked hard.

Never had guns.

Nice to the animals.

You’re the best planter.

Written by Kiara


johnny appleseed treesJuicy apples are good.

Outdoors he sleeps.

Happy to make trees.

No guns.

Never stops.

Yells, “Hi!” when the people see him.

Written by David