Curious George Builds a Banana Car

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. The man with yellow hat curious georgeknew it was his birthday so he gave him 1,035 bananas. But George didn’t know what to do with them. He couldn’t eat them in one day. George wanted his own car. Then he was thinking about a banana car.

He was sad because he didn’t have the materials. So he asked the man and with the yellow hat for $155. George said, “I’ll give you $5 back.” The man with the yellow hat said, “Yes.” He said go buy some toys at Toys R Us but George didn’t want to go there. He wanted to go to Wal-Mart. He spent $15 for wire, $5 for each wheel, $5 for each pedal, then a metal stick for $5 and 2 seats for $10. George also bought a steering wheel.

Then George got a machine to combine the bananas to 4 feet long and 1 foot tall. Now he had to work. He wired the wheels and made a banana that was 4 feet long and was 1 foot tall. He put the metal stick on 4 wheels and the pedals and everything was inside the banana car. He saved 100 bananas. Fifty were for his snack and one was for his driver’s license. George was all done and it had taken him one hour.

George asked the man with the yellow hat if he would teach him how to drive. So he taught him everything about driving. As he was driving, George saw a paper that the man with the yellow hat had signed for George to go to Loch Lomond School.

Then he started driving to random places. He went to Domino’s, Dunkin Donuts and Taco Bell. Last, he went to Wal-Mart and bought a GPS. He followed it and finally found Loch Lomond School.

George saw people going in the building. People were having fun at PE so George went to the gym. They were playing dodge ball. Then everyone threw the ball at George. One ball was rolling towards the Art room and George followed the ball to Art.

There he saw lots of paint. So he painted the Art room walls to look like a jungle. Everyone liked it and they were saying they were in a jungle. They really weren’t. It was just George’s painting on Mr. Nowak’s walls. Mr. Nowak asked George to clean up and he used four sponges.

It was almost 2:00 so George got a bucket of water. George was walking with sponges on his hands and feet and suddenly he slipped, slipped and slipped and ended up at the library.

Then he slipped again and his face knocked down 1,000 books off the shelves of the library. He tried to clean it up but the books were not organized. Everyone was confused and they said the books were not where they should be. So George had to organize them.

It was 3:30 and Mr. Nowak gave George 10 bananas because he had made his room so shiny. The librarian gave him 100 bananas because she didn’t have to organize the books. George took all his bananas and put them in his banana car and drove home.

~written by Janna

Curious George Rides a Jet Pack to Loch Lomond

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. George was excited! He got curious george 4a jet pack for being a good little monkey. So he flew it to Oregon to go see the Paul Bunyan statue. He wanted to get a mini key chain to remember his visit.

The man in the yellow hat called George in Oregon to remind him that school was starting. George wanted to go to Loch Lomond so he came back home. George worried that he would get in trouble but the man in the yellow hat trusted George. George got his jet pack, clicked the straps for safety and flew to Loch Lomond School.

He came through the main office and somebody mentioned the computer lab. George was curious and George saw the computers. Mrs. Collins was eating breakfast at her desk in the computer lab. George was curious so he said banana and banana came up in one computer. The computer had the number 266 and it was Mrs. Collins’ computer. Mrs. Collins said, “George, please leave the computer alone.” Then George made a commotion by making all the computers show bananas and then George ran out the door.

He went to art and Mr. Nowak said, “Hi George.”   Then he saw the paints and he thought they were for the smart board and George spilled some on the board. George got scared and ran all the way to the cafeteria because he heard something about banana splits.

But what they really had said was that a banana had split. George wanted a banana split so George went into the place where the kids get their lunches. He saw the lunch cards. He was curious. George switched the cards and every student asked, “Where is my card?”

George suddenly noticed a crowd around him and then someone in the crowd asked, “Who is this?” George ran out the door. George remembered what happened in art and he cleaned up the mess that he had made. Now the classroom board was working again so Mr. Nowak could teach the students.

At the end of the day George went home on his jet pack and told the man with the yellow hat about his day at school. George ate a banana split, brushed his teeth and went to bed.

~written by Juan

Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. He woke up one morning and went to breakfast and the man with the yellow hat said, “You are going to school.” curious george3 George asked, “What kind of school?” The man with the yellow hat said, “You are going to Loch Lomond School.”

He took his four-wheeler to school. He did not see anybody going in the building so he kept riding his four- wheeler. George was having fun. Then he saw people going in the school. So he parked his four-wheeler and went inside the building.

George went to Mr. C’s room and played football. He got so exited he accidentally broke a light. Mr. C yelled at George! He said, “Get out of here!” George was scared so he got out of the gym.

Next George went to the playground and he played with Mrs. Wright’s class. When the teacher said come in he did. George jumped off the swing, twisted and it accidentally broke. Mrs. Wright took him to the office. Then Mrs. Werle said George would have to fix the swing.

Next he went to Ms. Daily’s class. He knocked on the door but nobody answered. So he went in the door and he jumped on her desk. Then he was curious about the smartboard. He looked at the smartboard. George was sad because he did not have a smartboard at his house. George started to swing on the projector and it broke the smartboard. When Ms. Daily’s class came back from taking their math SOLs they were surprised to find George playing on the projector.

They picked up George and took him to the office. The principal said, “Not again!” She asked, “How curious are you?”  George did not answer so he sat in Mrs. Werle’s office. He finally talked and he said, “I will replace everything I broke.” She said, “That is going to be $8,000 to pay.” George said, “I need a job.” She said, “You can work here.”

Soon it was near the end of the day. They had 10 minutes left of school. When they called for walkers, George rode his four wheeler home. He went inside his house. The man with the yellow hat said, “Go to your room because you owe $8,000.” George was scared so he went to his room. He finally got out of his room and George explained that he going to work at Loch Lomond to pay for the two things he broke.

~written by Daniel

The Black Hole

One day in the summer my dad, mom, brother and I went to the pool. We were excited. We brought our towels, umbrella and pool splashsuntan lotion. When we got to the pool everyone splashed but my splash was the biggest.

My splash was 1,000,000,000,000 feet tall! I was surprised that my gigantic splash traveled up to the black hole in outer space. We got sucked in it. We were in the black hole for 1,000,000 years and all we could do is play and eat. Inside the black hole it was very sloppy and wet from my splash. Indeed it was.

Everyone was having a blast back on earth. Someone felt sorry for us so they challenged the black hole. When they were ready they squeezed us out. We thanked them and we gave them 10 bucks. They thanked us for the money.

A tall tale written by Valeria

One Weird Day

One weird day Melvin and Fernando went walking through the woods. We saw vines hanging from the trees.  There was a vine man swinging vinethat was super long. My dad grabbed on to the strange vine and it started to swing. My dad was surprised when he got to Disney World. My dad jumped back to us.

Then we saw a space alien at Disney world. We thought he was wearing a costume but he took us all the way to the moon. There were weird people sleeping on the moon and they were floating. Something pulled us to the bottom of the moon. It was scary in the bottom of the world. After that a tornado came and took us all the way to China! We tried to go back home but we had no car so we had to stay there for our rest of our lives.

Fernando said it is going to be a hard and tough day. We all agreed. I said I wanted to go back home. My dad said we will go back home one day. I said I hope we go today. We were all tired so we slept for a long time.

A tall tale written by Melvin

Playground Fun

One day Bailee, Damaris and I saw Kiara playing hide and go seek. We decided to go to the school playground. I went to the playground 2slide. I went down the slide and I noticed I started going faster and faster. Suddenly I flew to Egypt. I was surprised! Then I flew back.

Next, Bailee was on the monkey bars. Bailee did not think it was a good idea because she knew I had gone to Egypt. Damaris and I got her to the monkey bars. She did 5,000 trips across the monkey bars and stayed on them for 3 days. We said, “STOP!” Then she stopped.  We said let Damaris get a turns so Damaris went to the swing. She jumped off and BROKE the window to Mrs. Ross’ room.

When we were done playing we told the whole school about our adventures. The reporter told it to the news and now we are famous.

A tall tale written by Jasmine

The Crazy Day at the Park

One day Allison, Jasmine, Damaris and I went to the park. We went to the slide. It was crazy what happened. We went to the playgroundswings. We went to the sea saw and it was so weird. Now let me tell you what happened.

First, I went to the slide. I had to climb to up to outer space to get to the top of the slide. I came down. It was a long ride. Next, we went to the swings. Damaris went first. When Damaris was swinging she flew to West Virginia and then she came back. Then, Allison and I went on the seasaw. Allison and I were on the seasaw for 1,000 hours. Last, we went to the monkey bars. When Jasmine was on the monkey bars she fell past the dirt and went all the way to the bottom of the earth. Then I was surprised when she came back.

We went home and got a book and read. When it was 9:00 we had a sleepover and we went to sleep. When I was going to sleep I thought of what happened today.

A tall tale written by Bailee


One winter day Brady and I were flying on a jet. Finally we arrived at Antarctica. Then we found a sled next to an arctic fox. I husky in sledhooked Brady up to the sled and Brady pulled me a billion miles. After running a billion miles Brady was so thirsty. I filled up Brady’s water bowl and he drank enough water to fill the Mississippi River. After Brady drank water we walked and walked and saw 1,000,000 polar bears. After all that Brady slept for a year. When Brady woke up we put on our jet pack. We flew back to my home.

A tall tale written by Aiden

The Three Bears

One beautiful spring day in the woods there stood a den with three bears. One was a polar bear named Polo. Another one was a panda bear named Panda and the last one was a grizzly bear named Griz.

bears in boatSo back to the one day… Polo did not eat for three days because Panda had dared him! After the three days were finished Polo went straight to the kitchen and ate ALL the food. Three hours later Griz came down and checked the fridge and he yelled, “POLO!!!!”

“What?” said Polo.

“Don’t what me. You know what you did,” said Griz. “Sorry,” said Polo.

“It is not OK,” said Griz who woke up Panda. “What is all the…. Oh my! Who ate all the food? asked Panda. “I did,” confessed Polo.

“Well, we have no money so let’s fish for food,” suggested Griz.

Panda and Polo agreed. So they got their old fishing boat, strapped it to the car and took off. They drove through the forest and finally got to the lake. They unstrapped the boat, put it in the lake and put on their life vests. Next, Griz got in and sat in the driver’s seat with a harpoon next to him and the other two got in the boat. Then Griz, Panda and Polo took off.

When Polo’s fishing rod started bobbing, he screamed, “I got a biter!” Panda started to clap as Polo reeled it in the boat.It was a boot!

“WHAT?” asked all the bears but then Polo, Griz and Panda screamed, “FISH!” They looked inside the boot and there lay a fish. “Dig in,” said Polo and they all ate the fish reward. Their starvation had ended.

~written by Carter

Riding Roller Coasters

roller coasterOne day my mom, my brothers and I went to Six Flags. We rode a ride and I got stuck on the roller coaster in the loop-d-loop. I was scared because I was hanging upside down. The ride restarted and I was happy because I was going fast. Then I rode on the Drop Tower. It was not scary. Then I bought a snake that was five feet long.

I went on another roller coaster and I brought my snake with me. I was glad that the roller coaster did not get stuck. It was a fun day and then we went home.

~written by Daniel

Planting Pumpkins

planting pumpkinsOne day my dad, my mom and I were outside. I decided to plant a pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie. My mom said, “Let’s plant a pumpkin. That is a good idea.”

Now it was time to plant the pumpkin. “Where are the seeds?” I asked my dad. He said, “Let’s go to the store.” We went to Wal-Mart and got the pumpkin seeds. Then we went home and put the seeds in the dirt. We watered the seeds for days.

Unfortunately, we did not get to make a pumpkin pie because we had to wait for the pumpkin to grow.

~written by Rebeca