The Librarian Who Saved the Day

This story was collaboratively written by the entire second grade as a tribute to our beloved librarian.

Once upon a time in a quiet, little town called Manassas, there was a joyful little elementary school called Loch Lomond. In the center of the school there was an amazing, funny, and clever librarian named Mrs. Yankey. She had an efficient and creative assistant named Mrs. Loerch. The library was always busy with working children. They were constantly reading or checking out books. Mrs. Yankey was reading astonishing stories to the children. Everything was happy and peaceful at the superhero librarianLoch Lomond Library.

One day a new second grade student came to Loch Lomond. Right from the beginning, he was trouble. His name was Rocky Sullivan. He was very tall and had black curly hair. His eyes were blue and seemed full of trouble. He was mean to all of the kids and always played tricks on them.

He got into trouble a lot and blamed other people for it. He never did his homework or studied for a test. He lied all of the time and had to go to the principal every day. But what everyone at Loch Lomond didn’t know was that Rocky Sullivan was really an evil villain disguised as a student. Rocky Sullivan never learned to read, and he didn’t like books and really didn’t like libraries. He wanted to destroy all books and anyone who loved books.

Finally, the day came for Rocky Sullivan to pull off his evil scheme. The children were busy reading, writing, and learning. No one noticed that Rocky had slipped out into the hallway. He pulled the fire alarm. All of the students and teachers left the building and lined up outside.

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Curious George Goes to Elementary School

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always very curious. One day George and the man in the yellow hat woke up. The man in the yellow hat gave George his breakfast. Then the man and George rode the monster truck to school.

curious george3When they got to school George was shy. Then he was curious because people were going inside. So he followed the people.

Then a group of children went to P.E. Mr.C. said, “We are going to play basketball.” George climbed the pole and dropped the ball into the net.The class said George was cheating. George kept on cheating. His team kept on winning. Mr. C. told George to sit out of the game because he kept on cheating.

Then it was time to leave. George didn’t want to leave but he went to the bathroom with the class. In the bathroom George made a flood at the sink. Then George ran as fast as he could.
Then he ran to the library door. George wanted a book so he took 3 books. Then he took all of the fiction books. He said he would never return the books.

Again, George ran. Mrs.Werle called the man in the yellow hat. George didn’t want to get grounded so he cleaned up his mess in the bathroom. Then he returned all the books to the library.

Soon George saw the man in the yellow hat come in the office. Mrs.Werle told him that George was being good. Then the man with the yellow hat took George home in the monster truck. Now George likes school.

Written by Alexis

Curious George Travels in a Flying Car

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. George wanted to go to school. So George got ready for curious george 2school. The man with the yellow hat took George to school in his flying car.

When he got to school he ate breakfast. When he heard the bell he thought it was the fire alarm. Then he followed a class, but it was not a fire alarm because Mrs. Rigg’s class went to P.E.

Mr. C. said they were playing four corner dodge ball, but George didn’t know the rules. So when he threw the dodge ball, it accidentally hit Ashley’s face and made her nose bleed. Mr. C. asked Karen to walk Ashley to the nurse. Mr. C. made George stay out of the rest of the game.

When P.E. was finished George saw Room 209. which was Mrs. Wright’s class. George went inside the classroom. The kids were writing a story . George started making monkey noises. He was disturbing the kids and they couldn’t think. Mrs. Wright told George to be quiet and got him some paper to write a story. George wrote a story about a frog.

At the end of the day, George got in the car rider line and George got back into the flying car. The man with the yellow hat flew his flying car and they went home.

Written by Joseph

Jungle Friends

Once upon a time there was a saber tooth tiger named Rody and two snakes named Amy and Berner. They lived in the jungle. sabertoothRody was hungry and he was looking for food.

Berner and Amy saw Rody and they found a flower so they could camouflage with the flower. Rody could not see them because of their good camouflage. So Rody was still hungry and he ran away to look for more food.

Then Berner and Amy made a tree house to protect themselves from danger. They put a television in their tree house. Then they added some furniture, a bed and a blanket. Soon Berner and Amy fell asleep.

One hour later a very big sabertooth tiger broke the tree house. They woke up and got very, very mad. Berner and Amy drank a magic potion and grew very, very big. Then they made Rody the saber tooth tiger shrink.

Amy and Berner bit Rody. Rody got poisoned by their bite. A monkey came and he got something to heal Rody. The monkey and Rody talked to Amy and Berner. Then Amy, Berner, Rody and the monkey became friends.

Written by Calvin

Jungle Hide and Seek

One time in the jungle Mia and Liz, the cheetahs, were playing hide and go seek. Liz was counting and Mia was hiding in the cheetahsyellow grass. Liz looked in the bushes and the tall, yellow grass. Liz went right by Mia because Mia was camouflaged in the grass.

As soon as Liz past Mia, Mia surged far into the jungle. Then Liz heard a loud noise. Liz asked, “Is that you, Mia?” but there was no answer. Liz got really scared and kept looking for help to find Mia.

Mia was hiding behind a big, tall tree so Liz could not find her. Mia was very tired. Mia and Liz both started to look for each other. Soon, they bumped into each other. Liz was so happy to see Mia. They started to run home together.

Suddenly, hunters appeared out of nowhere and they were trying to kill them. Liz and Mia were trying to find the tall, yellow grass. They did and hid themselves in it. The hunters looked in three different directions but could not find Liz and Mia. They even looked in the yellow grass but the cheetahs were well camouflaged.

Then the hunters gave up and Liz and Mia hurried home.

Written by Regina

The Beautiful Ladybug

Once upon a time in a forest there lived a beautiful ladybug. She was walking in the forest and she was very hungry. She ladybugneeded to eat a lot of bugs.
A man was looking for ladybugs for his garden. The beautiful ladybug ran to her house to hide from the man. She stayed in the house but she was still hungry.
Soon it was time for her to hibernate. So she found a rock. She went under the rock to sleep. When she woke up she was in a beautiful garden. The man had caught her.

Written by Ally

The Frog

frogOnce upon a time, there was a frog named Calvin. He lived in the river. He had to find food.

He saw a huge fly. The fly looked tasty. The frog wanted to catch the fly. The frog hopped and hopped until he caught it and ate it.

Then it was time to hibernate. He went in the water and hid in the mud. He was full and happy. He slept and hibernated all winter long.

Written by Berner

The Gingerbread House

Once upon a time, Julius the lion and Calvin the knight were trudging through the snow in a deep, dark forest. The snow gb4was so deep that they almost got buried in it.

Soon they saw a gingerbread house.  They decided to investigate the house. The house was covered with candy canes, chocolate and frosting. They smelled chocolate cake. So they knocked on the front door. A gingerbread man opened the door. He said, “What do you want?” They said, “We are freezing and can we come in?” The gingerbread man closed and locked the door. Then the gingerbread man made more chocolate cake.

When it was night time, Julius the lion told Calvin the knight a plan. They were going to get out by getting a rope. Soon it was morning. They found a rope. They tied up the gingerbread man. Julius and Calvin took many chocolate cakes and they ran back home.

Written by Bryan

The Gingerbread House Escape

Once upon a time Mrs. Werle and a small gingerbread man were walking in the woods. They searched all around to find food because they were hungry. The Gingerbread man loved cookies. They looked at the trees, but there were no cookies gb3on the trees. They looked under some rocks and they found just one cookie. They shared the cookie, but Mrs. Werle and the Gingerbread man were still hungry.

They kept searching around and soon they found a gingerbread house. The gingerbread house had a door like a big chocolate bar. The roof looked like M&Ms and lollipops, too. They knocked on the door. A Big Gingerbread man said you can come in. He locked the door and they couldn’t go home. Mrs. Werle asked, “What can we do?” The small gingerbread man said, “Let’s trick him and make him go to sleep.” So Mrs. Werle sang a song to the Big Gingerbread man and he fell asleep.

They went out of the house and they got home. The small Gingerbread man’s mom said, “Did you have fun?” but the small Gingerbread man said, “No, we didn’t have fun!” and then they told all about what happened at the gingerbread house.

Written by Jovvanna

The Gingerbread House Trap

Once upon a time Ally and Amy were walking in the snowy forest. The weather was freezing, but they kept trudging through the snow. Soon they saw a house. The house was made out of M&Ms and Skittles. “Yummy,” said Ally.

gb housesAmy and Ally slowly sneaked to the window. Ally knocked on the door. A gingerbread man said, “Come in.” So they did. Then the gingerbread man locked the door! Suddenly Ally saw a trap. Ally said to the man, “Why do you have a trap and who is it for?” “It is for you,” said the gingerbread man and he pushed Ally and Amy into the trap!

Then Amy had an idea. Amy made a frosting key. This she said is for opening the door of the trap. So Ally opened the door and they ran out.

Amy saw another house. They went inside because Ally’s and Amy’s families were there. Ally said to her mom, “We had a horrible day.” Her mom said that she had made some cake for the family and we are having a happy day. Amy saw her sister Rochelle and then the whole family had a happy day.

Written by Alejandra

The Fishing Trip

On Sunday I did something fun with my dad! We went fishing.

fishingFirst, I ran to the boat and gave my dad the cup of worms. I put a worm on the hook so I could fish. I threw my hook in the water. Then ten fish saw the worm! I caught two fish.

My dad put a worm on his hook and five fish went to my dad’s side. My dad and I got a lot of fish, but then the boat broke! The lake only had a little water in it, so we could walk out of the lake. Then we went home and cooked the fish.

Written by Nayeli