Curious George Goes to School

This is George. He was a good little monkey and he was always curious. One day the man in the yellow hat and George rode in a car to the elementary school. When the car stopped, the man in the yellow hat told George to be a good little monkey.

George went inside and went to PE and started playing dodge ball. He accidentally popped the ball. Mr. C threw in a new ball. George got hit by a ball but he curious georgestayed in the game! George didn’t follow the rule that said he was out. So Mr. C was not happy with George. Mr. C told George to go to Mr. Horan’s door, but George didn’t. He kept playing!

Soon it was time for the class to leave. George didn’t follow the class. He went to the copier in the teacher’s room. He started playing with it. Soon Mr. Horan came in and picked him up. He called the man in the yellow hat. George cleverly slipped out of Mr. Horan’s hands.

Then he went to the cafeteria and started throwing food! George felt bad for the cafeteria workers so he picked up all the thrown food. The lunch ladies were so happy. They gave George a toy!

Soon it was time to leave school. George told everything about his day to the man in the yellow hat. But even as he left, George was still curious about the copier.

~written by JV











Fun at Ancient China

One day Gisselle and I were playing at recess. When we got inside, I was tired and I leaned on the wall. Then a door started opening. Suddenly, I fell in!

Gisselle saw me fall in, so she got a rope with a hook and went after me. When we got there we were standing on the top of a great wall. “This looks like the chinese characterspictures of the Great Wall of China.” I said. They used the Great Wall to keep the barbarians away. It is 111,500 miles long. “WOW” yelled Gisselle.

We got off the wall and started walking. We saw a tie on the ground. We picked it up and it felt very soft and silky. I had an idea. I told Gissellle maybe we could find a silk factory. We found one and then we saw how silk was made from silkworm cocoons. We left the factory.

“I want to write in Chinese.” Gisselle said. I found a paper with characters on it. “Is this the ancient China writing?”Gisselle asked. Then she wrote Chinese characters on the back of the paper.

Soon fireworks started. As fast as lightening, I grabbed my camera. I took cool pictures of the fireworks. They looked like a flower, dragon, stars and the Huang He River.

I wanted to go home, so I got a compass to find the Great Wall again. When we got there I leaned on the wall and the door opened.

When we got back, school had almost ended. It was the end of the day. It seemed like we had been in ancient China for so long, but when school ended, it had only been 1 hour and 15 minutes.

~written by AG

Journey to Ancient China

One day I was walking in the forest and I saw a hole in the ground. I went in it and it led me to ancient China!

I went to the Great Wall and I walked along it, but not the whole way because it is 111,500 miles long. Then I climbed up a watchtower that was built in the wall.

rice terracesNear the wall some people were making weapons. They mixed cooper and tin together. I asked them if I could help. Soon I was making weapons made out of bronze. I made nunchucks, swords, ninja stars and sythes.

Then it was getting dark. I went to the rice terraces and climbed up on them. Then I saw fireworks.

When the fireworks ended, I walked by a tree and saw a hole in the tree. I went in the hole and it led me to my house.

I enjoyed my trip to ancient China.

~written by MOC

The Time Machine

One day Emely saw a time machine. We went inside and the time machine took us to ancient China.

clay soldiersThe first thing we saw was the Great Wall of China and there were fireworks in the sky. Did you know that China made gunpowder and used it to make fireworks?

Emely and I started walking and we took pictures of thousands of clay soldiers. I wondered what they we made of and what the Chinese used them for. Emely said that she wondered, too.

We kept walking and we found a Chinese market. We bought a compass which was invented by the Chinese. We used the compass to help us find our way back home. Suddenly, I saw a huge, stuffed animal and it had a door in it. Emely thought that maybe it would take us home. I said that maybe she was right, so we went through the door.

We came home safely. We told our families everything that had happened, but they didn’t believe us. Maybe we can go back again and take them with us.

~written by KB

The Pretzel Shop

Last summer my good friend Brian came over to my house. We played video games. Then we got bored. We decided to wrestle. I tied Brian into a pretzel. He pretzel2struggled to get out of that position. Brian stayed in that position for 11 years.

When he finally figured how to get out, it was time for him to go to college. Brian wanted to be a chef. He specialized in making the best pretzels. He opened 1,000 shops. He called his pretzel shops, All Tied Up.

A Tall Tale written by JJW

A Trip to Mars

One day I was with my best friend in my backyard. My friend kicked the ball over the fence. I jumped over the fence. Then I saw a creature from Mars. He was too bright for my eyes.

martianHe took the ball from me. He kicked the ball to Mars. The ball caught on fire! The creature from Mars flew back to his planet. When he got to Mars I wanted to follow him. I asked my mom if I could go on a rocket. She said yes.

I went with my best friend. We went to Mars and we fought the Martian for the ball. He was too strong for us. He pushed me back to earth. My dad saw me falling down and he caught me. I was home safely.

A Tall Tale written by DR

The Room Disaster

One day my room was very messy. So I called my sister to help me clean my room. When she was cleaning under my bed she saw a blue boomerang. My sister threw the blue boomerang and it went all the way to California! My sister looked at me and said, “Now I have to clean the rest of the house, so you just clean your boomerangmessy room.”

I had just finished cleaning my room when the boomerang came back and messed up my room again in two seconds. My sister looked mad. I told her it was the boomerang.

Next, I had to organize my books and I made 3 stacks of books that were 100 feet tall. I was so tired of doing that, I needed some water. Whoops! I spilled cold water on the floor. Suddenly, it froze into an iceberg!

My sister looked at the icy floor. She had an idea! “Maybe we can get a green, four leaf clover to bring us luck,” she said. My sister found one in our backyard. Then we went back to the room and it was clean. Wow! That was some luck.

A Tall Tale written by AG

Playing in the Park

Yesterday my friend Karla and I went to the park. The park had monkey bars, swings, slides and a seesaw.

playgroundFirst, we went to the slide. The slide was so high we could touch the clouds. The clouds were so soft! Then we went to the swings. Karla pushed me on my swing and it started going as fast as an airplane. I was so scared! The swing went super high. I could touch the leaves at the top of the trees. We swung for 3 days!

Then I went to the lake by my house. I saw another swing. I asked Karla if she wanted to swing on that swing. She said, “Yes.” We got on the swing.

It was so much fun swinging with my friend Karla. We went home but we decided we would go to the park again.

A Tall Tale written by EL

The Zoo Trip

One day my Mom and I went to the zoo. When we arrived at the zoo, we went in but there was something odd! We went to look at the lions. There was something odd about the lions.  They were as small as ants!

We went to see the bunnies, but there was zoosomething wrong! They were as big as hippos!

We went to look at some snakes. We found the snakes, but they were longer than a million miles. Then we went to look at some of the other animals. They were not like the lions, bunnies, and the snakes. They were normal!

We went to the gift shop to buy something for my little brother’s birthday. When we went to the gift shop everything was free! My mom told me I could get the things that I wanted and I should get some stuff for my little brother’s birthday. I said okay and we got 300 toys.

Then it was time to go! My brother wanted some of the toys that I got, but I said no because if I gave the toys to him it would ruin the surprise party. We made a surprise party for my little brother. I liked that I didn’t use a dime on the toys.

A Tall Tale written by JH

My Amazing Dream

One day I was in class learning about math and I fell asleep. In my dream I woke up and no body in the whole world was there. I looked in rooms. I looked in houses. When I looked outside, I saw a leprechaun dancing everywhere. So I followed him. He had pointy, long ears and his clothes were all green.

rainbow5Then I knew where he was going! He was going to the rainbow. I followed him to the rainbow and some steps came out of it. But then I got scared and I stopped following him. I looked up in the sky and a pot was falling down! I got out of the pot’s way and I decided to keep following the rainbow. At the end of it there was a pot filled with tiny people.

All of a sudden I woke up from my dream. Then I got in trouble because I had not done any of my school work.


The Golden Motorcycles

One day I went to Pizza Hut and I found a gigantic rainbow. So I told the waiter to give me a box to pack my lunch.

golden motorcycleI looked at the rainbow and found Michael. So I asked him if we should go inside the rainbow. He said yes so we went in.

We found steps so we climbed the rainbow steps. There were colored elevators. We went in the green one but it broke. We climbed the elevator cables. We tried all of them except the yellow one. It worked.

We found a pot of golden motorcycles. So we rode them home. We brought extra for our family. From now on we never walked; we just rode our motorcycles.


A Nice Surprise

One day I was at school with Astrid. It was time to go home. As we were walking back home we saw bright colors. It was a rainbow!

All of a sudden the rainbow was shining down to the ground. We wondered if something will come out of the shining spot! Suddenly something did! It was a rainbow4rainbow colored elevator.

Astrid and I decided to go inside the elevator and we did. We saw all the sections – red, green, orange and purple. We went to all of the sections. The last color we went to was blue. The blue section was filled with blueberries.

Astrid and I looked down and… WHOOPS! We slid down. The blueberries were splattering everywhere! And …BONK! We fell down hard. Then we noticed something. We looked up and we made it to the end of the rainbow.

We started looking for the treasure. Then Astrid saw something black. It was the pot. Astrid and I opened the pot and there were sapphires, rubies and emeralds! I got the sapphires. Astrid got the rubies and we saw a large pile of emeralds. We wanted to share the last pile.

Then the leaves on the evergreen tree were shaking. A leprechaun came out and we decided to give the leprechaun the emeralds. Astrid and I went back home.


Rainbow Adventure

rainbow3One day I was inside my car. I looked outside my window and I saw a rainbow.

I called my friends Mario and David. We ran to the rainbow and we saw a unicorn. The unicorn took us to the rainbow.

I saw an escalator. The escalator started to move. I rode the escalator into the rainbow. Then I saw a pot. In the pot were diamonds, gems and jeweled swords.

I took them to my house and I sold them and we got rich!


Rainbow Surprise

Once upon a time, Emely and I were on our way to Karla’s house. Suddenly we saw a beautiful rainbow. Emely said we will get Karla and then we will follow the rainbow.

rainbow2We ran to Karla’s house. Then we got her. We told her to come outside. When we got outside, I suddenly saw an elevator at the end of the rainbow! I told Emely and Karla we should go to the end of the rainbow! Karla went into her house to tell her mom to drive us to the end of the rainbow. She said OK.

We got in the car. Then Karla’s mom drove us to the end of the rainbow. We got out of the car. Then we ran straight to the elevator.

When we got inside we saw rows of colors in the order like the rainbow. We smelled cotton candy in each row. We decided to go in the purple row. We stepped n the purple row. It felt soft!

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Journey to the End of the Rainbow

One time I was playing games and it started raining. After it was done raining, the sun came out and it dried up all of the water. A rainbow appeared and I climbed up the rainbow for a little while.rainbow1

Then I went home and told my aunt to pack me a bag so I could go find out where the end of the rainbow was. With my food and my bag I headed outside for my journey. I climbed up the rainbow and went inside. I saw three doors. I went in the middle door and I saw lots of pots of gold.

It was night time before I reached the end of the rainbow, so I decided to sleep. When I woke up I ran back through the rainbow.