Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur was a very famous person. He was born in Dole, France on December 27, louis-pasteur1822. He was the third child in his family. Did you know that he was an average student when he was in school? He liked to draw, fish and paint.

Did you know that Louis never shook hands with anyone because he did not want to get germs.

He invented the word vaccinations after he invented a vaccine to prevent rabies in animals and people. He used his vaccine to save the life of a little boy. Louis made milk safe to drink. This process is called pasteurization.

Louis Pasteur was a great man of science. He died on September 28, 1895.

~Written by Allison

Sally Ride

Sally Ride was a very famous person. She was born on May 26, 1951 in Encino, SallyRideCalifornia. Sally had one sibling. When she was nine her family traveled to Europe.

In high school she was interested in science. Did you know Sally was one of the top 20 Junior tennis players in the country?

Sally like Star Trek. Sally entered the space program after answering a newspaper ad. Sally was the first American woman in space. She also write children’s books about space travel. Then she died in 2012.

~Written by Jorel

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is a very famous person. She was born in 1934 in England. When she was jane goodall 1young she dreamed of living in Africa. She always loved chimpanzees. Jane’s father gave her a toy chimpanzee when she was one years old. She named it Jubilee.

As a child, Jane loved books about animals and Africa, especially the story of Dr. Dolittle and Tarzan. She liked to read up in the birch tree in her family’s garden. She loved to observe animals. Do you want to know something? Jane Goodall once watched a chicken for 5 hours waiting for it to lay an egg.

Jane went to Africa and she was the first person to live with and study chimpanzees. Jane Goodall is still alive and she gives speeches to help the chimpanzees in the jungle.

~Written by Lisbeth

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a very famous person. She was born in Skopje, Macedonia on August mother teresa26, 1910. Her mother named her Agnes. Agnes loved to sing at church and to learn about missionaries. She was the third child of three children. Agnes’ dad died when she was eight years old.

When Agnes was 18 she became a nun. She went to India to become a missionary. After she left she never saw her mother or sister again. She helped the poor and sick people in India. She made a home for poor and sick people and children with no parents.

Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. She gave the money from the prize to the poor people. Mother Teresa died in 1997.

~Written by Jose M.

UFO Beach Adventure

One day, Jose and Steven were at the beach. They were in the water playing. They went far into the water. Then they saw something in the sky.

ufoIt looked like a rock. Steven said, “It looks like the UFO I saw on TV.”  When it landed they saw the aliens put a shark in the ocean. Everybody was screaming! Then they saw a giant squid swim up from the bottom of the ocean. They said it was weird. Then the squid went away. Soon they saw the aliens taking beach balls and umbrellas. Aliens were putting all of this weird stuff in their ship.

When they were finished the aliens flew away in their UFO. Jose and Steven thought the aliens went back home and things went back to normal. Jose and Steven went back into the ocean.

A tall tale written by Jaime

The Magic Slide

Once upon a time there was a magic slide at the park. Three friends, Jaime, Jose and slideJonathan, decided to go to the slide.

Jaime went up the slide steps and slid down the long slide. When he got off the slide he ended up in China. He became the Emperor of China.  He made the Great Wall bigger.

Jamie found the magic slide and climbed all the way up the slide. When he got to the tippy-top he ended up back at the park. Jaime was glad to be back and he told Jose and Jonathan about his trip to China.

A tall tale written by Steven

Bank Roberry

One day Jamie and Anthony went to the bank. They wanted to get some money to buy some stuff. They rode their bikes to the bank.

downloadWhen they got there, Jamie and Anthony found $99,999.00 dollars hidden in a box.  They stole it and then the cops found Anthony and Jamie. The cops threw Anthony and Jamie up to outer space. Anthony and Jamie jumped on a meteor that took them back to earth. They didn’t catch on fire. The meteor destroyed the earth. Earth never existed again. Everyone on the world died.

Jamie and Anthony were safe because they both put on a space suit, a helmet, and gloves for space. They built a house on a mysterious planet. They never even used the money they has stolen.

A tall tale written by Jonathan

Teleporting to Mars

On Tuesday Jamie and Gerson were at the pool because second grade was learning lg-rec-pool-indoor-roomviewto swim. The lifeguard told Jamie to jump into the pool. Jamie jumped in the water.


Jaime was surprised he was on Mars. He walked around and saw an alien. Jaime started running in circles and then he was teleported back to the pool.

Jamie and Gerson jumped in the pool but there was no water.  They wondered if the water was still on Mars.

They got out of the pool.  They went to relax.

Then one minute later the water fell from the sky and was back in the pool.  When they jumped into the pool, they teleported to a beach.  Jamie put his feet in the water.  The water got so big that they teleported back to the pool.  They decided to go home. It had been a crazy day.

A tall tale written by Adrian Hernandez

Boomerang Ride

One day, Jose and Anthony went to the beach. Jose was swimming, but Anthony was boomeranghot and laying on the beach towel. Jose said, “Come in.” Anthony went in the ocean.

Suddenly a portal sucked Jose and Anthony and it brought them to Mars. Suddenly, a giant boomerang appeared in the Martian sky. They jumped up and grabbed on to it and it took them back to the beach. “Wow, that was weird!” said Jose. “Let’s go back in the ocean,” said Anthony. Jose and Anthony went in the ocean. While they were in the ocean a shark ate them and spit them out at home.

“Soooooo!” said Anthony. “Yah! Finally, we’re home!” said Jose.

A tall tale written by Jorel


My favorite game is GTS because you can do stunts, tricks and fly. Also you can wear a gtsskull and gold. You can earn gold cars and gold suits. You can look at TV and drive a gold car. You can get cars and race cars. You can get outfits, have your own pool and own home.

GTS is my favorite game because the graphics are very realistic.

~Written by Anthony

Mickey Mouse’s Surprise

One day Antonio and Adrian wanted to go to Disney World. They took their car and mickey mousedrove to Disney World. They went to the gate and discovered that they had left their money at home. They were sad because they did not have tickets to go into the park.

They started to leave because they were still sad. Suddenly, Mickey Mouse came strutting out of the park. He gave them free tickets for Disney World. They were so excited! They went through the gate. They went to see Buzz Lightyear. They had fun at Disney World.

Antonio and Adrian found Mickey Mouse and thanked him for the fun day.

~Written by Cristian M.