The Bad Luck Day

On Saturday morning Rob and Rose went to the soccer fields because they had a soccer game. It was a hot and sunny day. They were excited because today was the final game of the season. Their team had won 10 games and lost 9 so this was a very important game.

bad luckSoon the game began. Rob got the ball and kicked it to Rose. Rose raced down the field and kicked the ball hard. The ball shot through the goal. The score was 1-0. Soon the other team scored two goals! Now the score was 1-2.

Rob took the ball and ran with the ball and scored another goal. The score was tied and the coach blew the whistle for half time.The coach passed out drinks. Everyone enjoyed their juice. Rob thought his drink tasted a little weird.

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Don’t Touch THIS Turkey Because…

Everyone loves turkey at Thanksgiving so the class decided to ask the turkeys for their thoughts about the holiday.

I am nasty tasting and you will throw up if you eat me. I can do tricks and run fast. You you can’t catch me. I have annoying sisters and brothers that will talk to you all year! So turkey-not-ayou don’t want me to bring them to your dinner.

~Written by Jorel

I am fast and you can’t catch me. I am sick and and all my feathers will fall off on you. I might peck, bite or eat you because I am mad. So don’t pick me!

~Written by Steven

I have big brothers that can gobble you up. I haven’t gone to the dentist since forever so I have horrible breath. I am super fast – faster than Flash and you won’t be able to catch me. So, you won’t want me to be your Thanksgiving dinner.

~Written by Fernanda

I have horrible breathe and I will breathe on you. Then you will get sick. I have the turkey pox and you will get my germs. I will get you sick. Now you are sick and you will not be hungry for Thanksgiving dinner.

~Written by Genesis

Pumpkin Acrostic Poems

Pick the biggest pumpkin.

pumpkinUnder the greenest vine

Mmmmmm! Let’s make a pie.

Put the pumpkin pie in the oven.

Keep our pie and eat it.

I ate a gigantic slice.

Now I am ready for bed.

~Written by Anthony



Pumpkins are all around the place.


Under the picnic table a big pumpkin is there.

Maybe I’m going to get it.

Put the pumpkin in the car.

Keep the pumpkin and put in some light.

In the night it will glow.

Now I have a Jack ‘O lantern.

~Written by Jonathan







My Lost Phone

cell phoneOne day I lost my phone in my house. Here’s how it was.  I was sleeping in my bed. When the sun came up, I woke up and I looked under my pillow for my phone, but I could not find it. Later, when I got home from school, my dad was there and I asked him if he had my phone. He said, “No.” I said, “I’m going to ask Mom if she has my phone.” She said, “No,” so I checked in my mom’s bag and it was there! I said with much happiness, “I found it!”

~Written by Keyri