UFO Beach Adventure

One day, Jose and Steven were at the beach. They were in the water playing. They went far into the water. Then they saw something in the sky.

ufoIt looked like a rock. Steven said, “It looks like the UFO I saw on TV.”  When it landed they saw the aliens put a shark in the ocean. Everybody was screaming! Then they saw a giant squid swim up from the bottom of the ocean. They said it was weird. Then the squid went away. Soon they saw the aliens taking beach balls and umbrellas. Aliens were putting all of this weird stuff in their ship.

When they were finished the aliens flew away in their UFO. Jose and Steven thought the aliens went back home and things went back to normal. Jose and Steven went back into the ocean.

A tall tale written by Jaime

The Spooky Old Corn Maze

Once upon a time, two brothers and a sister were getting ready to go to the spooky old farm.  Jake, Bloom and Frank were excited to get a pumpkin, have apple cider, and go through the spooky old corn maze.

corn mazeFrank was the youngest.  He was ten years old.  He was scared to go into the corn maze.  Jake, who was fifteen years old, and Bloom, who was thirteen years old, were excited to go.  Their mom dropped them off at the spooky old farm.

The farm was so spooky and a fog was coming around everything.  There was a spooky old house that looked haunted and a spooky graveyard.  Frank, Bloom, and Jake went inside to get some apple cider.  They were ready to enter the corn maze.  As soon as they entered the maze, a gate slammed shut and they were trapped!

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