Crabby the Crab

crab2Brrrrrr!  The water was freezing cold!  As Crabby the crab migrates to a warmer place, she has quite an adventure.  Crabby was very cold, so she came out of the water.  She waited and she looked until she found a house.  She went to the house.  Then somebody came out or the house.  She screamed, “AHHHHH!”

It was a crab.  She told the crab to go away, but the crab didn’t.  So she put her back on and headed for the ocean.  When she was in the ocean, she bumped into a shark.  The shark threw her.  After she was thrown, she was crying.  Then she bumped into the shark again.  The shark just stared at Crabby.  Crabby started swimming as fast as she could.  The shark swam faster.  Crabby found a place to hide.  She saw a piranha.  The piranha killed the shark.  Crabby went and said, “Thank you!”

She went back out and swam until she found a warm place to make her home.

By: MA

Cora the Crab

crabWoosh! The wind was blowing me away!  Cora the crab migrates to a warmer place and has quite an adventure.  Cora tried to get to the ocean when the wind was blowing.  She was very, very cold.  She tried to run, but the wind blew her away.  She closed her eyes.  When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was next to the ocean.  Cora was so happy.

When Cora was at the ocean, she saw something coming to her.  She got so scared.  When it got closer, it was just Cora’s friend.  Cora and her friend were playing when they were migrating.  Cora and her friend saw something that scared them.  Cora and her friend went swimming as fast as they could.  They were so scared that they wanted to get out of the ocean.  Cora and her friend escaped from the scary thing.  They were happy that they escaped.

Cora and her friend were almost there.  They kept on swimming until they got to a warmer place.

By: YA

Buggy the Ladybug

Brrrrr, Brrrrr, Brrrrrrrrr!  It was chilly outside as Buggy slipped through the window.  Suddenly, she went into the kitchen.  She saw four people sitting at the table.  There were three white people and one African American.  Buggy had quite an adventure as she migrated to a warmer place.  It was almost Fall!  It was getting cold outside.  Buggy knocked on the door of the house.  When the door opened, Buggy flew up into a tree.  Buggy broke her wing.  She couldn’t fly out of the tree with one wing.

ladybugsFirst, she met a squirrel.  His name was Jack.  Jack and Buggy had fun that day.  When it was night, Buggy woke up she said, “I HAVE TO GET INSIDE BEFORE MIDNIGHT!”  Jack rubbed his head and said, “What?”  Buggy told Jack that she had to get inside before midnight because of the cold.  Jack didn’t know what a house was.  Buggy told him that it was somewhere that people lived.  “I can carry you but not right now,” said Jack.  Buggy told jack that she could not live in the winter or fall.  “I can’t stay here at midnight,” said Buggy.

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Ally the Sea Turtle

Brrr! Brrr!  The wind is blowing above the sea.  As Ally the turtle migrates to a warmer place in Aisia, she has quite an adventure.  It was very cold in the sea.  When Ally’s friend Angela came with her mom, she asked Ally to take care of the baby turtles, Roxy and Mai.  Ally said, “Sure!”

Ally swam and swam.  She was trying to migrate.  Ally was too busy finding a place to migrate that she forgot about the babies.

sea turtles 3She panicked and shouted, “Roxy, Mai , where are you?”  There was no answer.  Ally called her friends, Amy and Alex.

Ally said, “Hi, Amy, can you come to the sea?”

Amy said, “Sure!”

Ally said, “Can you help me find Roxy and Mai?”

Then Ally called Alex.  She said, “Hi, Alex, Can you help me find Roxy and Mai? They are out in the sea somewhere.”

Alex said, “Sure!”

Alex came to the sea.  The turtles can swim 10,000 miles.  Ally, Amy and Alex searched for Roxy and Mai.  Alex searched in the right and Amy searched in the left and Ally searched straight.  While Ally was searching, she found a place to lay her eggs.  Then Ally saw Roxy and Mai.  Ally called Alex and said, “I have great news.  I found Mai and Roxy.”

Then Ally called Amy and said, “I have great news.  I found Roxy and Mai.”

Amy and Alex asked where they were.  They were playing with the sea shell.  Ally said, “I found a place to stay.”

Ally showed everyone where she was going to lay her eggs.  Then Angela came and took the baby turtles.  Angela asked, “Did you take good care of my babies?”

“Of course,” said Ally.

When it was winter Ally laid her eggs in a warmer place and then went back.

Written by KN