UFO Beach Adventure

One day, Jose and Steven were at the beach. They were in the water playing. They went far into the water. Then they saw something in the sky.

ufoIt looked like a rock. Steven said, “It looks like the UFO I saw on TV.”  When it landed they saw the aliens put a shark in the ocean. Everybody was screaming! Then they saw a giant squid swim up from the bottom of the ocean. They said it was weird. Then the squid went away. Soon they saw the aliens taking beach balls and umbrellas. Aliens were putting all of this weird stuff in their ship.

When they were finished the aliens flew away in their UFO. Jose and Steven thought the aliens went back home and things went back to normal. Jose and Steven went back into the ocean.

A tall tale written by Jaime

The Spooky Old Corn Maze

Once upon a time, two brothers and a sister were getting ready to go to the spooky old farm.  Jake, Bloom and Frank were excited to get a pumpkin, have apple cider, and go through the spooky old corn maze.

corn mazeFrank was the youngest.  He was ten years old.  He was scared to go into the corn maze.  Jake, who was fifteen years old, and Bloom, who was thirteen years old, were excited to go.  Their mom dropped them off at the spooky old farm.

The farm was so spooky and a fog was coming around everything.  There was a spooky old house that looked haunted and a spooky graveyard.  Frank, Bloom, and Jake went inside to get some apple cider.  They were ready to enter the corn maze.  As soon as they entered the maze, a gate slammed shut and they were trapped!

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The Three Bears

One beautiful spring day in the woods there stood a den with three bears. One was a polar bear named Polo. Another one was a panda bear named Panda and the last one was a grizzly bear named Griz.

bears in boatSo back to the one day… Polo did not eat for three days because Panda had dared him! After the three days were finished Polo went straight to the kitchen and ate ALL the food. Three hours later Griz came down and checked the fridge and he yelled, “POLO!!!!”

“What?” said Polo.

“Don’t what me. You know what you did,” said Griz. “Sorry,” said Polo.

“It is not OK,” said Griz who woke up Panda. “What is all the…. Oh my! Who ate all the food? asked Panda. “I did,” confessed Polo.

“Well, we have no money so let’s fish for food,” suggested Griz.

Panda and Polo agreed. So they got their old fishing boat, strapped it to the car and took off. They drove through the forest and finally got to the lake. They unstrapped the boat, put it in the lake and put on their life vests. Next, Griz got in and sat in the driver’s seat with a harpoon next to him and the other two got in the boat. Then Griz, Panda and Polo took off.

When Polo’s fishing rod started bobbing, he screamed, “I got a biter!” Panda started to clap as Polo reeled it in the boat.It was a boot!

“WHAT?” asked all the bears but then Polo, Griz and Panda screamed, “FISH!” They looked inside the boot and there lay a fish. “Dig in,” said Polo and they all ate the fish reward. Their starvation had ended.

~written by Carter

Leaf Chromatography

On Friday, October 23 our class did an experiment to find out what colors were in leaves. We used red, green, and yellow leaves. My group had red leaves.

leaf exp

Filters showing the leaf color bands

First, we tore up the red leaves. Second, we put them in a test tube. Third, we covered them with 25 ml of rubbing alcohol. Fourth, we put the test tubes in hot water for 30 minutes. Then we put a strip of a coffee filter in each test tube.

Over the weekend the true colors of the leaf separated into bands of colors. Our red leaf showed yellow, brown and pink on the coffee filter.

Written by Aiden, Second Grade Scientist

The Lucky Dragon Eggs

There once were two leprechauns who lived in a rainbow.  One was named Mick and the other was named Lucky.  So Mick dragon eggsgot bored and he said, “Do you want to take a walk?”Lucky said, “No!”

So Mick went by himself.  He stopped and saw this big volcano.  Mick climbed up and slipped.  He fell and he held onto a rock. He climbed up and up, and on top of the volcano was lava.  He also saw eggs.  The eggs were dragon eggs.

Dragon eggs were lucky.  He was going to take them home.  He heard stomping.  He looked right and left and behind him.  Then he looked forward and saw a gigantic dragon.  Mick took the dragon eggs and ran.  The dragon raised its wings and roared and knocked the eggs out of Mick’s hands.  Mick screamed for help.  It did not work.  Mick slipped out of the dragon’s grip.  He fell on a rock.  He ran quickly and got back home.

On the way he picked up a four leaf clover.  He took it home and put it in his clover collection.  It is safer to collect four leaf clovers instead of dragon eggs.

Written by Bradein

The Stolen Crown

Once upon a time there was a knight who lived in a kingdom.  He was brave and smart.  His name was Mr. Awesome.  He was going to be king. When he was going to be king, he was going to protect his kingdom.  Today Mr. Awesome was going to be knightking.

Suddenly the ground started shaking.  Then fire came out of nowhere.  A dragon flew down and took his crown.  He flew away.  Mr. Awesome was going to get his crown back.

He went on an adventure.  He was walking for a long time when he found a troll.  The troll was going to help him.  So they went on to find the crown.  The troll led him to some caves and he went in one of the caves.  He found the dragon.  The knight fought the dragon.  The dragon was tough to beat, but the knight slayed him.

The knight got his crown back and became king.

Written by Efrain

The Funny House

Once upon a time in a place far, far away two friends named Angel and Bradein were walking through the forest.  They saw a househouse with goofy colors.  Angel and Bradein saw that the house was broken, so Angel and Bradein repaired the house with tools.  Then the house looked better.

Angel and Bradein went inside to have fun.  Then Bradein’s dad said, “Come on boys. Let’s go home!” They gave the house to the forest animals.  They lived happily ever after.

Written by Angel


Mitis Wants Gold

Once upon a time there were two leprechauns that lived in a field of clovers.  They had a lot of gold.

Mitis was a man that leprecaunlived nearby.  Mitis desired gold so much that he took the gold pot out of Cory’s house and put it in the box but he dropped a gold trail all the way to his house.

Tager and Cory followed the gold trail to Mitis’s house and Tager came up with a plan.  He gave Mitis one million four leaf clovers for the gold.  Mitis said, “There must be hundreds of lucky clovers there! He took the trade.

Tager and Cory tricked Mitis.  There were only three leaf clovers and they were not lucky.  They got their gold back.

Written by Caden


The Brave Rainbows

Once upon a time there were two rainbows that lived in the sky. Their names were Emmy and Gavin.They always had fun.

double rainbowOne day Rainbow Emmy was looking at the birds. Meanwhile Rainbow Gavin was smiling at the birds. Emmy called the birds. She did not know that the birds were evil.

When she called the birds they came, but they were so mean that they made Rainbow Emmy cry.  She knew what to do, so she scared the birds away.  She was proud of herself.

Gavin was frightened of birds. Gavin gasped and he said, “Wow!  That was cool. I wish I could do that!” He was way too scared to do that.  Rainbow Emmy said, “You are not scared or too small!”

Gavin got brave and scared the birds away from him too.  The days went by and the birds never came back to bother them.

Written by Dayana



The Farmer and the Alien

Once upon a time on a farm, there was a farmer named Bob.  Bob wanted to discover planets so he went to the moon.  alienThere was an alien and he laughed at the farmer.  He let the farmer go and Bob flew back to Earth.  He went home, but he was scared of the alien.  The aliens went to Earth, and the aliens wanted to scare Farmer Bob.  Farmer Bob put a scary mask on and scared the aliens.  They went back to their planet and left Bob alone.

Written by Jared


The Button

Once upon a time there was a pup named Madel. He was a little weak but smart. He had a friend named Lapiz. She was buttonstrong but dumb as a rock. One day Madel and Lapiz went to the park. Then Lapiz saw a button and pushed it.

The whole world started to wobble. In an instant they were in the same world, except there were ghost pups instead of just pups.  Madel grabbed Lapiz before they got in the other world, but they got separated from each other. Madel was so scared from the ghosts that he chased his tail. Lapiz was in the forest and she saw ghosts and started to bark at them really loud.

There was a ghost named Darwin that was strong and not afraid.  In a while Darwin and Lapiz became friends. Darwin and Lapiz went to find Madel. He was cornered. Then Lapiz and Darwin barked and the ghosts were gone. Darwin showed them where the button was. They pushed it and went back to the park.

Written by Idca


The Bad Dog

One day there was a dog.  He was a bad dog.  There were two nice cats.  A girl left the door open.  The dog got in and made a mess in the house.  The two cats ran away from the dog.  The cats came up wibeagleth a plan.  They drew the plan on paper.  One cat went outside.  The dog ran out after him.  The cat went super fast back in the house.  The other cat shut the door.  They were safe from the dog.

Written by Emily



Crabby the Crab

crab2Brrrrrr!  The water was freezing cold!  As Crabby the crab migrates to a warmer place, she has quite an adventure.  Crabby was very cold, so she came out of the water.  She waited and she looked until she found a house.  She went to the house.  Then somebody came out or the house.  She screamed, “AHHHHH!”

It was a crab.  She told the crab to go away, but the crab didn’t.  So she put her back on and headed for the ocean.  When she was in the ocean, she bumped into a shark.  The shark threw her.  After she was thrown, she was crying.  Then she bumped into the shark again.  The shark just stared at Crabby.  Crabby started swimming as fast as she could.  The shark swam faster.  Crabby found a place to hide.  She saw a piranha.  The piranha killed the shark.  Crabby went and said, “Thank you!”

She went back out and swam until she found a warm place to make her home.

By: MA

Cora the Crab

crabWoosh! The wind was blowing me away!  Cora the crab migrates to a warmer place and has quite an adventure.  Cora tried to get to the ocean when the wind was blowing.  She was very, very cold.  She tried to run, but the wind blew her away.  She closed her eyes.  When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was next to the ocean.  Cora was so happy.

When Cora was at the ocean, she saw something coming to her.  She got so scared.  When it got closer, it was just Cora’s friend.  Cora and her friend were playing when they were migrating.  Cora and her friend saw something that scared them.  Cora and her friend went swimming as fast as they could.  They were so scared that they wanted to get out of the ocean.  Cora and her friend escaped from the scary thing.  They were happy that they escaped.

Cora and her friend were almost there.  They kept on swimming until they got to a warmer place.

By: YA