george washingtonFirst President of the United States

Patriotic, leader, loyal, and brave

Lover of war, the presidency, and farming

Who felt taxes were unfair

Who believed that Americans should be free

Who wanted to see liberty, freedom, and no taxation

Who gave support, freedom, and time as president

Resident of Mount Vernon

Who once said, “Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.”





thomas jeffersonThird President of the United States

Patriotic, faithful, gentle, and determined

Lover of books, math, and George Wythe

Who felt he was a good president

Who believed in liberty

Who wanted to see liberty, freedom, and justice

Who gave the Declaration of Independence and founded the University of VA

Resident of Virginia

Who once said, “In cases of doubt, it is better to say too little than too much.”





thomas jefferson2Third President

Patriotic, smart, proud, and shy

Lover of law, farming, and politics

Who felt thankful for his family

Who believed the colonists shouldn’t have to be ruled by England

Who wanted to see slaves freed, democracy, and a free America

Who gave time as president, time as vice-president, and time as secretary of state

Resident of Monticello

Who once said, ” All men are created equal.”





Commander in chief of the Continental Armygeorge washington2jpg

Brave, patriotic, undefeatable, leadership

Lover of being a surveyor, helping the country, and being a gentleman

Who felt the country should be free of England

Who believed he could win the war against England

Who wanted to see freedom, winning the war, and liberty

Who gave freedom to the country, new laws, and the new capital’s name

Resident of Mount Vernon

Who once said The Farewell Address



The Best Day Ever

Last summer I went to Kings Dominion with my sister, Sam.  It was an hour long drive.  We stopped at Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and 7-11 to get snacks.  When we got there, there was barely anyone there, so we got a good parking spot.  We got inside and walked around and looked at shops.

Then we went on rides.  We went on a roller coaster.  We went up and up and up…then down! After that, we went on a ride that spun really fast and went up really hight, too.  My sister was really scared.  She closed her eyes and screamed.  We also went in a haunted mansion called Boo Blasters.  What you did was go on a ride and when a monster jumps out, you shoot him with a laser and you get points.  I beat my sister 745 to 356 points.  It was a little scary because monitors popped out, walls fell, and you went really close to a skeleton and he grabbed you.  They also took your picture.  In the picture, I was shooting a ghost and my sister was ducking.  It was a funny picture so we bought it.  I still have it in my room.  After we went to Boo Blasters, we went on a ride that spins and goes back and forth.

Next we went to the water park.  We got a locker and a code.  Then we changed and went in the Lazy River.  We went around several times.  It was nice to float around.  We got out and changed into our old clothes.  Then we couldn’t find our money.  Then Sam checked her purse and found it.  We got Dippin’ Dots.  We went on all the rides we wanted to, so we checked the gift shops.  I didn’t want anything, so we left.

We went to Cracker Barrel and ate pancakes.  I beat Sam a few times at checkers.  After we ate our food, we left.  When we got home, I told my mom and dad about the trip.  It was the best day ever!


A Day in the Life of Leonardo da Vinci

Do you like painting?  If you do, then you have to read my story.  It was July 9, 1507.  I was visiting Leonardo’s house.  When I knocked on Leonardo da Vinci’s door, he was painting the famous Mona Lisa painting.  He looked disappointed.  I didn’t leonardo divinciknow why, so I asked him.  The problem is that I don’t know how to speak Italian.  After a few minutes, I was able to figure out what he said, and I felt sad because his father and uncle passed away.

When we were painting together, he saw my painting.  To me, it looked terrible.  Then he told me, “One can have no greater and no lesser mastery than one has over oneself.”  When he said that, I felt better.  He is really intelligent and can make people feel better.

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A Day in the Life of Michael Jordan

Today I am so happy because I am going to a Michael Jordan game with my mom.  Michael Jordan plays for the Chicago Bulls.  The Bulls are my and my mom’s favorite team.  Today’s game is in Chicago, so here I come Chicago!

michael jordanWhen I got to Chicago, I saw Michael Jordan talking to some kids.  I asked my mom if I could go talk to Michael Jordan.  She said, “I’ll go with you.”  When I met him, he told me he had won a slam dunk contest.  He was pretty friendly and serious, but mostly fun.

Today it was the Heat vs. the Chicago Bulls for the NBA championship.  Jordan scored his 3,000th point and the Bulls won.  Everybody clapped for Jordan.  When the game ended he told a reporter, “In a game, I felt like someone tapped me on my back and said I must do great things.”

When I got home, I looked up where he was born.  I couldn’t  believe he was born in Brooklyn, New York.  My grandpa was born there, too.  I found out a lot about him, but when I met him, it was a dream come true!