Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day the man in the yellow hat asked George if he wanted to go to Loch Lomond School. George said, “Yes.” curious_george_5The man in the yellow hat drove George to school.

When he got there, he got breakfast. After he got breakfast, he went to Mrs. Wright’s room. When the students got there, they sat at their desks and ate their breakfast and did their morning work. When Mrs. Wright saw George, she said don’t make any trouble.

When they went to art George went with them. When Mr. Nowak said they were going to paint, George got so happy he jumped so high. Then Mr. Nowak got the paint brushes and paints. George got a paint brush and dipped it in the color blue. When he put it in the color blue the children got scared because George started to paint everyone. Everyone got covered in blue paint. Mr. Nowak told George to go somewhere else.

So, he went outside, and he saw a lot of kids playing. He ran and when he got there he saw kids playing tag. He asked someone if he could play tag. They said yes. So, he ran. He got tagged. He tried to tag someone else. He got someone and pushed them. They told George to go somewhere else.

So, he went where he got breakfast and saw people eating. He went in line to get lunch. The line was so long he wondered if he should cut in line. He cut in line and everyone said stop cutting. George did not hear them. He was finally up front. The lunch lady asked George what he wanted. George said he wanted pizza. So, they gave him pizza and there were 25 bananas. He took the bananas. The lady said to only get 1 banana.

So, George put the other bananas back, but he snuck three bananas. When he sat at a table he ate the pizza and he ate a banana. The lunch lady saw the 2 bananas and said only get 1 banana. But George ate all the bananas. The lunch lady said get out.

George went back to Mrs. Wright. She said ‘’How was it?’’ George said,’’ I didn’t have that much fun.’’ Mrs. Wright said,’’ Why did you not have fun?’’ George did not want to talk because he was sad. When he went to recess with Mrs. Wright’s class. He sat at the chairs. He did not want play because he thought he was going to push someone. So, when someone wanted to play with him he said, ‘’I don’t want to play.’’

When they went back to the classroom, they did cursive and George played with the blocks and Legos. When they were done they did a Curious George story. They did not tell him they were doing the Curious George story. When they had to clean up Mrs. Wright told every table to clean up. She said it quietly, so George could not hear.

They did AR for a bit. When it was the end of the day the telephone rang. Mrs.  Wright got the telephone and the office wanted George for dismissal. Mrs. Wright told George to say sorry to everyone he had hurt. Mrs. Wright told George he was going to the office. So, George said bye to everyone, even Mrs. Wright. He said ‘’I might come next time.’’ Everyone hoped he would come back.

Written by Kiara





2 thoughts on “Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

  1. Kiara, I liked the story very much because he said sorry to everyone he hurt and that was good. It’s good to say to someone sorry after he hurt them. I loved it.

  2. I love your story and I bet you worked hard on you story. I love you. I am going to miss you next year. Love you so much. Miss you.

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