Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. Once George was going to buy curious george 9groceries with the man in the yellow hat. They were going in a truck. They passed Loch Lomond School. George looked at the monkey bars. George asked the man in the yellow hat if he could go inside the building. The man said, “YES.” The man in the yellow hat said, “DON’T BE CURIOUS”.

George went inside the school. George followed some kids to the library. George had a water bottle in his hands! He got a book about monkeys. George was thirsty. While reading George drank his water and forgot to put the top on. He accidentally dropped his water on the book!!! Mrs. Rittenhouse was very sad, but she knew it was accident and George was a monkey, of course.

Then he heard kids yelling in the P.E. room. He was curious and went inside the gym. The kids were playing a game similar to soccer. George kicked the ball. Then a kid stepped on a ball and tripped. The kid almost broke an ankle!!! But he was okay. George had to go to Mrs. Werle’s office.

While George was walking to Mrs. Werle’s office, he saw a little square. It said, “PUSH IN AND PULL DOWN.” So, George did what it said. Then a loud noise started to beep. George got scared and ran out the school. He went back in again.

He thought he had caused a catastrophe, so he cleaned the mess that he had done in school. He got a Paw. He went back home with a big smile. And always wanted to come back to Loch Lomond.

Written by Katherine

3 thoughts on “Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

  1. Hi Katherine. It is me, Cole. I just wanted to say I liked your story because George PUSHED IN AND PULLED DOWN on the fire alarm. I really liked that part. [It was funny.]

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