Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. One day the man with curious george 5the yellow hat was on the phone with his mom. Then his mom asked if the man with the yellow hat could visit for a couple minutes. The man with the yellow hat told George not to be to curious while he was gone. So, the man with the yellow hat went to his mom’s house.

George became curious and George typed in a random phone number.  He called Loch Lomond by accident. But then George put the phone on Facetime and Mrs. Jennie answered the Facetime. Then George asked if could come to Loch Lomond. Mrs. Jennie said, “Yes.”  George got balloons from his backyard and filled them with helium and flew to Loch Lomond.

When George got to Loch Lomond he followed Aaron to Mrs. Wright’s class. When George got there, he saw Haley. George said, “Hi” and Haley said, “Who are you?”  Then, George ran to the library. He was mad because there weren’t any books about monkeys. So, George ripped every book he saw.

Then he went to the gym. Mrs. Huey’s class was playing basketball. George threw the ball into the hoop, but when it came down it hit Trevor Rogers in the head. Trevor chased George for a long time and George ended up in the Art room.

Ms. Kenville’s class was making a thermometer out of paint. George dropped all the paint on the floor. George was covered with paint. He started running in the hallway and Mrs. Werle saw George.

She told George to clean everything up. George was so tired after that. He got his balloons and went back home. He passed out on his bed. George thought he had a good day at Loch Lomond.

Written by Cole

3 thoughts on “Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

  1. I love your story, Cole. It is the best story I have read. I loved the part when you put me in your story. Thank you.

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