Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. George asked the man with the yellow hat, “What are you doing?” The man with the yellow hat said, “I am looking curious george 8for a school for you, George.” The man with the yellow hat typed LLES on his computer and he showed George the pictures of the school. George gasped and said, “I love it!” George got his jetpack and he went to Loch Lomond School.

He went to the breakfast line. After he got his breakfast he went to Mrs. Wright’s class. He got a math paper. When he was done he got a holey card. When he was done he started reading. Then Mrs. Wright said, “Everyone get ready for reading group to begin.” George got a Kindle and put on Kahoot. He pushed the search button and he looked for bigfoot.

Then it was P.E. time. Everyone played dodge ball. Mr. C. said that we are doing penny vs. no penny. George was on the penny side. The penny side won the game. Mr. C. said that the class earned a stamp.

They went back to the class and it was math time. The class did multiplying. Then it was time for lunch. George did not pay for his food. Nobody cared. Then it was recess time.

George saw a boy. His name was Jonncena. He said, “Hi, you monkey.” George said, “HI. Can I guess your name?” He guessed Jonncena and Jonncena said, “You are right.” Then Jonncena guessed George’s name. George asked Jonncena if he wanted to play soccer. Then Jonncena asked some other people, but no one else could play. So, George and Jonncena played soccer. It was a battle. George vs Jonncena. George won the game.

Then Mrs. Wright said it was time to line up. Everyone went to the classroom and did Writing Workshop. George wrote about himself. Then Mrs. Wright said that today is a fun day so the class had ice cream. Everyone yelled, “Ahhhhhhh!”

When it was the end of the day, the office lady said George had an early dismissal. George went to the office. He saw Mrs. Werle drop some books on the floor. Then George helped Mrs. Werle pick up the books. Mrs. Werle said she was going to give George a prize. The prize was a Rubic’s Cube.

Then the man with the yellow hat came to the office. He asked, “How was George today?” Mrs. Werle said he was good. Then the man with the yellow hat took George home on the jet pack.

Written by Oscar

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