Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. One day curious George said to his computer, “Loch Lomond,” and Google showed him a picture of the outside curious george 2and inside of the school! George asked man with the yellow hat if he could go to Loch Lomond School.  He said, “Yes!”

The man with the yellow hat drove George to the school.  The man with the yellow hat said, “Bye. See you later.” George said good-bye, too.  He saw kids go in doors that were open. He followed them inside the building.

Then he followed people to art. They were painting. He got a paint brush and he was painting a picture of himself in the jungle. Then his brush broke! Mr. Nowak asked what happened.  George said his paint brush broke   Mr. Nowak said, “Go to the Principal’s office.”

George ran down the hall. He heard noise in the lunch room. George got in line.  He cut in the line.  He got milk and a banana and a sandwich.  He put in a number that was 218321.  The lunch lady said, “Do you want anything else?”  George said, “No.”  George sat down at the brown table.  He ate.  When it was time to clean up, he spilled milk on the floor. When it was time to put the trash in the trash, he cleaned the milk up and the lunch ladies helped.

Then he went to the hall. He heard drums. He went to the music room. They were playing on the drums. George went into the room and Mrs. Taylor said, “Hi.” George started to play the drum. George hit the drum too hard and he broke the drum. Mrs. Taylor asked him what had happened. George said he had accidentally broken the drum. George said that he was sorry, but Mrs. Taylor told him to go to the principal’s office.

He ran back to Mrs. Wright’s class. The office called George to go home for an early dismissal. He got his bookbag and he went to the office. He said sorry to all the teachers. Mrs. Werle told George to fix Mrs. Taylor’s drum. He fixed the drum. Mrs. Taylor said thank you. George went back to the office. Mrs. Werle needed help with the food bags. George helped her.

When they were done cleaning up, the man with the yellow hat came in the door. He told George to come. George said goodbye to everyone. They got in the car and rode home. George hoped he could back to Loch Lomond. The man with the yellow hat asked, “Did you have a good day?” George said he had a good day.

Written by Ava










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