One day mom, dad and I were going to the beach. When we got there, it was night sharkstime, so we went to our beach house and we went to sleep.

The next day I was on the beach and all of a sudden, a shark came out of the sand! Then we rushed to the store but then…A huge shark crushed the whole store! Then a tornado came, and it turned into a sharknado.  Next, it started raining sharks. And then we rushed to the car and went 100 mph and we drove to Oklahoma.

Two days later our car got sucked up by a tornado. Then we came down and landed on a cow. And then a 100 ft. shark came down at 99,000 mph and it crushed the whole car!  I got so scared. I got out of the car and jumped to outer space. Then, I got picked up by a UFO. I went to Mars and I played tag with the aliens. I decided to stay on Mars.

A tall tale written by Cole

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