Floating Super Powers

One sunny day Christabelle and I were at the park swinging on the swings. We were floatjinghaving a competition to see who could swing the highest. We went so high that we touched the sky with our feet.

When we came down from the sky, we did not want to be on the swings any more so we went to the slide. And before we slid down Christabelle and I flew back to the sky. Then I fell down out of the sky with Christabelle.

After that I went to Christabelle’s house and Christabelle and me were trying to figure out how we did that. Then we thought the sky was pulling us to the sky.

We were suspicious so we concentrated a lot to know what happened. Later on, we knew we had super powers of floating. We were so happy that we hugged each other. After we hugged I wanted to go floating again so I asked Christabelle if she could go floating with me. She said, “Yes” so, we went to float. Then we were so happy and every day we went floating together.

A tall tale written by Christabelle


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