Finding Gold

goldOne sunny morning at the beach David ,Aaron  and I were excited to go to VA beach.  We drove in our car to the beach and went to the hotel. We saw 103,999 gold pieces in David’s room. We concentrated on getting the gold out and putting the gold in a spot.

The next day, David and Aaron went digging for gold and money at the beach We found 189,999 dollars buried in the sand. The next day I went to put on my scuba diving equipment. We were going to look for more gold, but this time I went to the ocean and found 199,067 gold pieces.

Then something interrupted me. It was a stranger. I was frantic. I was scared and then David picked me up and we got back to the hotel. We counted how much money and gold we had. We had $4,077 of gold and we had $189,999. They equal $194,076 in dollars and gold.

We were so, so, so, so, so happy. We were rich. The next day we brought some stuff. We went to the store car. I bought a gold car. I drove the gold car back to the beach to go swimming and then we left to go home.

A tall tale written by Daniel

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