The Crazy Camping Trip

The twins Alex and Alexa love to go camping.  So, one sunny morning they packed up campingtheir camping equipment and they left to go to the forest. They looked around the campground and found a perfect spot. The one they picked had no people in it, a great fire pit, it was near the lake and there were a lot of trees. Alex and Alexa set up the trailer and then they decided to go on a hike in the woods.

They got their backpacks and put in some granola bars, marshmallows, takis and water. Next, they got their walking sticks and headed to the mountain. When they got there, they gasped because the sign at the bottom of the mountain said the mountain was 20,000 feet tall!

Alex and Alexa started walking up the mountain. They trudged up the path and stopped when they heard a voice. They looked around and saw a talking squirrel. The squirrel warned them about a ravenous wolf. He told them the wolf had very sharp teeth and his teeth were always bloody and ten feet long.

Alex and Alexa were shocked, scared and a little suspicious. They told the squirrel they would be careful. They started hiking again and after they had walked for one month they heard a loud howl. OOOOUUULLL!!!! Alex and Alexa were frantic. They didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, they saw bloody, 10 feet long teeth hiding behind the bushes. They were reminded of when the squirrel told them about the wolf. They were scared so they started to race back to their camp. They slipped and tumbled down the mountain. They were surprised when they got back to the camp in 5 seconds.

It was dark now, so Alex and Alexa built a fire at their camp. They started telling scary stories about zombies. The fire grew to 100 feet and glowing zombies came out of the fire. The zombies were very friendly, and they asked if they could tell stories around the campfire, too. Alex and Alexa got the food. They made s’mores and the zombies and the kids enjoyed their s’mores at the campfire.

A Tall Tale

~Written by Mrs. Wright’s Class


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