The Best Dog Tricks’ Contest

One sunny day Bella the two months old Husky puppy and Jacob the two years old husky puppyGolden Retriever were getting ready to go to the park. They rode in the car to go to the Best Dog Tricks’ Contest. Bella and Jacob were excited, nervous and a little scared because they had never done their tricks in front of an audience.

When they got to the park Bella and Jacob saw a giant trophy shaped like a bone sitting on a table. They started barking and wagging their tails because they wanted to be in first place. There were a lot of other dogs at the contest. All the dogs wanted to win the trophy.

golden with frisbeBella and Jacob got their number and waited for the contest to start. The announcer called all the dogs who entered the Frisbee throw. Jacob hurried to the start line and Bella told Jacob to have good luck. Jacob ran and jumped high and he caught it. The audience cheered.

Soon it was Bella’s turn. She raced to chase the Frisbee. Bella jumped in the air, caught the Frisbee but when she came down she fell into a hole. Bella started to whine and whimper. Jacob hurried to Bella and asked, “Are you okay?” Bella told Jacob that her leg was hurting. Jacob asked Bella if she could walk on her sore leg. Bella tried to walk on her leg, but she fell again.

A lady in the audience grabbed her cell phone and called the Pet Calls mobile vet. They said they could get there in twenty minutes. Jacob picked up Bella in his mouth and gently carried her over to a tree. Bella rested in the shade until the vet arrived.

When Pet Calls arrived, the vet said Bella needed a cast and crutches. After she got her crutches Bella said she would like to go home. Jacob and Bella got back in their car and rode home. Bella said that they should watch the rest of the contest on television. While they were watching Jacob saw his friend Max win the Dog Tricks’ Contest. Max got the bone trophy.

Later, Max came to their house and gave the trophy to Bella because she had been so brave when she got hurt. Bella said thank you, Max.

Written by Mrs. Wright’s Class

5 thoughts on “The Best Dog Tricks’ Contest

    • Camilla, thank you for writing your comment. We worked really hard on our class story. We miss you and hope you are working hard at your new school.

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