Curious George Visits Loch Lomond School

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. One day, Curious George went outside to play on the monkey bars in his backyard. Then he saw kids heading towards Loch Lomond Elementary School and he was curious. George went to the man with the yellow hat and told him about Loch Lomond School. George said curious george 5he wanted to go to Loch Lomond and the man with the yellow hat said that George could go.

The man with the yellow hat walked George to Loch Lomond. When the man with the yellow hat dropped George off, the man with the yellow hat said, “Stay out of trouble.” George went inside the school. George saw a picture of a yellow hat hanging in a glass case in the hall. George was curious. George ran down the hall and saw the art room.

George saw Mrs. Welton’s class drawing self-portraits. George stepped on paint and he accidentally ruined their art work. Then George tripped and broke all the clay minions on the shelf. Mr. Nowak got mad but George got out of the art room.

George saw some kids throwing balls. George dashed through the halls and went in the P.E. room. Mrs. Dominick’s class was in P.E. and they were playing dodge ball. He got a ball and started throwing it to try and get people out.  George threw the ball too high and he kept getting the ball stuck on the ceiling. Mr. C. screamed at George and said to go to Mrs. Werle’s office. George said he didn’t know where Mrs. Werle’s office was so Mr. C. took George to the office.

George was curious when he saw Mrs. Werle’s printer. George kept pressing many buttons. Suddenly, pages started shooting out of the printer. George was frantic. When the printer stopped, George felt bad that he had made a mess. He told Mrs. Werle he was sorry and George picked up all the papers.

George stayed in Mrs. Werle’s office until it was the end of the day. First, they called car riders for dismissal. Then they called walkers and George went out the front door. The man with the yellow hat and George walked home. George told him about his day at Loch Lomond Elementary School.

~Written by Jonathan

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