Curious George Flies to Loch Lomond

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. One day, George heard a noise. It was a helicopter. The man with the yellow hat was inside the helicopter. George got inside and they flew to Loch Lomond Elementary School.

curious george 8When they got to the school George went to art. George saw Mrs. Ross’ class going to art, too. He saw all the paint and markers. He got the paint on his hands and feet. He accidentally left some foot prints.

George heard a whistle. He went down the hallway and saw Mrs. Wright’s class. He went with them to P.E to play soccer. George enthusiastically kicked the ball to Mr. C. It hit the wall. Mr. C gave him one warning. Then George played more soccer. George played the rest of the game good. When P.E was finished he went to music.

George was curious about the trailers. He went in the trailer and saw Mrs. Taylor’s drums. But George didn’t make a mess because he was careful. He was learning to play the drum with his friend he met in music.

Then the office called George for early dismissal. The man with the yellow hat waited for George. George went back to art class. He got his backpack and said goodbye. He went off to the office. George and his friend from music went to the helicopter and they flew back to George’s home.

~Written by Jose H.

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