Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond School

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. One day, George was watching You Tube on his iPad. He saw an interesting video about Loch Lomond Elementary School. He asked the man with the yellow hat if he could go to Loch curious_george_5Lomond. The man said, “Yes, when do you want to go?” George said he would like to go later that morning. So, they rode to Loch Lomond on the man with the yellow hat’s motorcycle.

The man with the yellow hat stopped in front of the school and George enthusiastically jumped off the motorcycle. The man with the yellow hat told George to have fun and to stay out of trouble.

George pushed the call button and went in the school. He was in the office and George was curious.  George walked down the office hall and went in to Mrs. Werle’s office. He saw a long table with computers on it for the SOL tests. He was curious and started pushing the keys on the keyboard. All the computers started going crazy.

Mrs. Werle came in her office and said, “What is going on?” George got scared and leaped on to her desk and accidentally spilled Mrs. Werle’s coffee on her computer! George was frantic and raced out the office’s back door.

Mrs. Werle started to chase George. George ran down the hall and stopped when he saw a yellow banana picture hanging on the wall by the art room. George quickly dashed into the art room. Mrs. Wright’s class was making optical illusions on paper using paint and markers.

George was curious. He saw Mr. Nowak’s sample optical illusion and got markers and colored it. Mr. Nowak gasped when he saw his picture. Mr. Nowak said, “Who are you? You are in big trouble.”

Just then, Mrs. Werle came into the art room. George started running and slipped on some paint that was on the floor. He bumped into the table and all the paint spilled on the floor. George raced through the paint and left a trail of footprints as he left the art room. George was in the hall. He heard a whistle blow and then children cheering. George was curious and hurried down the hall leaving another trail of footprints.

When George got into the gym, Mrs. Ross’ class was playing scooter tag. George found a scooter and started to play. He tried to follow the tag rules. George got tagged by one of the boys. He didn’t know that he had to turn his scooter over and wait because he was out. George wanted to go fast so he pushed with his arms and legs and crashed into 10 people. Mr. C. got mad and screamed, “I will give you a PAWS report about your behavior.”

George said he was sorry and he wanted to play scooter tag again. He said he would be more careful. Mr. C. restarted the game and George tried hard to follow the rules. He played and when the game was over, George’s team won. Everyone cheered.

~Written by Mrs. Wright’s class

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