Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is a very famous person. She was born in 1934 in England. When she was jane goodall 1young she dreamed of living in Africa. She always loved chimpanzees. Jane’s father gave her a toy chimpanzee when she was one years old. She named it Jubilee.

As a child, Jane loved books about animals and Africa, especially the story of Dr. Dolittle and Tarzan. She liked to read up in the birch tree in her family’s garden. She loved to observe animals. Do you want to know something? Jane Goodall once watched a chicken for 5 hours waiting for it to lay an egg.

Jane went to Africa and she was the first person to live with and study chimpanzees. Jane Goodall is still alive and she gives speeches to help the chimpanzees in the jungle.

~Written by Lisbeth

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