Mickey Mouse’s Surprise

One day Antonio and Adrian wanted to go to Disney World. They took their car and mickey mousedrove to Disney World. They went to the gate and discovered that they had left their money at home. They were sad because they did not have tickets to go into the park.

They started to leave because they were still sad. Suddenly, Mickey Mouse came strutting out of the park. He gave them free tickets for Disney World. They were so excited! They went through the gate. They went to see Buzz Lightyear. They had fun at Disney World.

Antonio and Adrian found Mickey Mouse and thanked him for the fun day.

~Written by Cristian M.

One thought on “Mickey Mouse’s Surprise

  1. I liked your story because I am going to Disney World on my birthday. It is gonna be so so so so much fun. I almost forget I was going there. Thank you so much friend.

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