The Crazy Field Trip

On Friday, Kevin and Jeffery were excited because their class was going on a field trip. They were in the kitchen packing their lunches. They packed Oreo cookies, tuna sandwiches and Takis. They hurried out of their house to get on Bus 437.

When they got to Loch Lomond School Ms. Lily, their teacher, told them to put the lunches in a big bag so they could take them on the field trip. Ms. Lily told her class to get their jackets, line up and get on the bus. They were on their way to the Washington gorillaNational Zoo.

Finally, after riding the bus for one hour, the class got to the zoo. They wanted to go to the gorillas, first. Kevin and Jeffery led the class towards the gorillas. When they got there the gorillas were eating bananas. They seemed like they were enjoying their fruit.

Suddenly, one of the gorillas felt something strange in his banana. He opened his mouth and he was surprised when he found a key. He quickly showed it to his gorilla friends. They opened the cage door and escaped. They were enthusiastic because they got out of the cage. They raced to the monkeys and opened their cage door.

The gorillas and monkeys ran to the lion’s cage.  The gorillas said to the lion, “Don’t eat me. I am going to take you out of the cage.” The lion said, “OK, hurry up and open the cage door.”

The gorilla unlocked the lion’s cage and the lions tumbled out. Kevin and Jeffery were surprised when they saw the animals out of their cages. Jeffrey screamed, “Let’s go back to the bus!” Jeffery and Kevin raced to the bus. The animals followed the kids.

lions at zooThe kids were afraid of the lions. So they quickly leaped in the bus. Jeffery knew he had to think up a plan to get the animals back to their cages.

He looked around the bus and saw the lunches. Kevin suggested they use the food in the lunches to make a trail back to the animal cages. They took out the bananas and oranges for the gorillas and monkeys. They took out the meat for the lions. There was meatballs, turkey and chicken nuggets.

Jeffery collected all the fruit and Kevin gathered all the meat. They started to make a trail with the food. The trail would lead back to the animal cages. Kevin kept a banana and held it out for the gorillas to smell. The gorillas and monkeys started to follow the fruit trail.

Jeffery got a rope and tied the meat to the rope. He saw the lions coming. Then he pulled the rope and started to drag the meat on the ground. The lions followed the meat smell.

The animals followed the food trail back to their cages. The lion rubbed his shoulder against Jeffery. Jeffery was surprised but he petted the lion’s mane and back. The lion gave Jeffery a soft, gentle roar and jumped back into his cage.

Kevin got a banana and started to talk like a monkey.  The gorillas and monkeys both copied Kevin and they took the banana and jumped back into their cages.

Kevin and Jeffery were relieved because the animals got safely back in their cages. Now they were happy because they could go see the other animals. They raced to the elephant and giraffe sections of the zoo. They hoped that the other zoo animals did not get out.

~Written by Mrs.Wright’s Second Grade Class



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