The Bad Luck Day

On Saturday morning Rob and Rose went to the soccer fields because they had a soccer game. It was a hot and sunny day. They were excited because today was the final game of the season. Their team had won 10 games and lost 9 so this was a very important game.

bad luckSoon the game began. Rob got the ball and kicked it to Rose. Rose raced down the field and kicked the ball hard. The ball shot through the goal. The score was 1-0. Soon the other team scored two goals! Now the score was 1-2.

Rob took the ball and ran with the ball and scored another goal. The score was tied and the coach blew the whistle for half time.The coach passed out drinks. Everyone enjoyed their juice. Rob thought his drink tasted a little weird.

The second half of the game started. Rob was kicking against the other team and he missed the ball. The other team had the ball and scored a goal! Rose took the ball from the other team and passed it to Rob. Rob headed the ball but it flew out of bounds. Rob gasped because he usually did a great job. He wondered what was happening to him.

Soon Rob was chasing the soccer ball. He tried to get the ball from the person in front of him. He told him to get out of his way, but the boy did not hear him. Rob tripped his opponent and the referee gave Rob a yellow card. Rob wondered why he was having a bad luck day.

Then the championship game was over. The score was 2-3 and Rob and Rose’s team had lost the championship game. They were very sad.

Rob and Rose talked after the game and Rob thought that the bad luck started after he drank the funny tasting juice. Rose said maybe someone had put something in his drink at half time. Rose said she had read a book about potions causing bad luck.

They decided to go to the library to find a book about reversing potions. Rob and Rose went to the computer and searched for books. They found a book called Reversing Spells and Potions. Rob used the Table of Contents and found the section about reversing bad luck. He opened to page 20 and read how to make a potion to change back his luck. The recipe told him to mix together apple juice, a little spider web, a package of fun dip and some good luck powder.  Rob and Rose left the library and went to Walmart to buy the ingredients.

When they got home, Rob looked outside in the bushes for a little spider web. They took all the ingredients to the kitchen. Rob mixed everything in a blender and poured it in a glass. The anti-potion drink looked terrible, but Rob knew he had to drink it to reverse his bad luck. Rob held his nose and gulped the whole drink really fast.

Rob hoped that his bad luck was gone. They went back to the soccer fields and Rob and Rose played another game. Rob kicked the ball and it shot into the net. Rose passed the ball to him and he headed it and it went exactly where he wanted it to go. Rob was excited because he knew that his bad luck had left. Then Rob and Rose went home happy that Rob’s luck had changed.

~Written by Mrs. Wright’s Second Grade Class

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