Don’t Touch THIS Turkey Because…

Everyone loves turkey at Thanksgiving so the class decided to ask the turkeys for their thoughts about the holiday.

I am nasty tasting and you will throw up if you eat me. I can do tricks and run fast. You you can’t catch me. I have annoying sisters and brothers that will talk to you all year! So turkey-not-ayou don’t want me to bring them to your dinner.

~Written by Jorel

I am fast and you can’t catch me. I am sick and and all my feathers will fall off on you. I might peck, bite or eat you because I am mad. So don’t pick me!

~Written by Steven

I have big brothers that can gobble you up. I haven’t gone to the dentist since forever so I have horrible breath. I am super fast – faster than Flash and you won’t be able to catch me. So, you won’t want me to be your Thanksgiving dinner.

~Written by Fernanda

I have horrible breathe and I will breathe on you. Then you will get sick. I have the turkey pox and you will get my germs. I will get you sick. Now you are sick and you will not be hungry for Thanksgiving dinner.

~Written by Genesis

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