The Spooky Old Corn Maze

Once upon a time, two brothers and a sister were getting ready to go to the spooky old farm.  Jake, Bloom and Frank were excited to get a pumpkin, have apple cider, and go through the spooky old corn maze.

corn mazeFrank was the youngest.  He was ten years old.  He was scared to go into the corn maze.  Jake, who was fifteen years old, and Bloom, who was thirteen years old, were excited to go.  Their mom dropped them off at the spooky old farm.

The farm was so spooky and a fog was coming around everything.  There was a spooky old house that looked haunted and a spooky graveyard.  Frank, Bloom, and Jake went inside to get some apple cider.  They were ready to enter the corn maze.  As soon as they entered the maze, a gate slammed shut and they were trapped!

Frank, Bloom, and Jake felt very frightened.  The first thing they saw was a spooky old scarecrow.  They stared for a moment and then they walked on.  They did not know that the scarecrow was following them.  As they were creeping along, out of nowhere, a black cat appeared.  It stared at them with its big red eyes.  They stayed as still as a statue.  The cat ran off into the corn.  Then Bloom noticed the scarecrow was right behind them.  They all wondered how it got there.  They were super frightened now.

Before they could run, three bats dived down and circled around them.  The bats seemed to be keeping them trapped.  Bloom acted fast!  She grabbed some corn and threw it on the ground.  The bats followed the corn.  The three kids ran. They went around a corner and saw a coffin.  Jake went over to the coffin and opened it. A mummy sat straight up.  They all screamed and the mummy started to come after them.  They ran through the maze and lost the mummy.  They stopped and then they heard a shriek and saw the scarecrow again in the corn.   Then they saw the ghost.  He chased them into a dead end.  They were trapped and they noticed the scarecrow again.

The scarecrow started talking to Frank, Bloom, and Jake.  Bloom stood in front of everyone and said, “What do you want from us?” The scarecrow said, “I want to help you get out. You must find three things and you must find them fast!

Here are your clues! 1. Behind you is some hay.  The clue is in the hay!”

Jake, Bloom, and Frank looked in the hay and found a map.  The map showed them how to get through the maze.  When they got to the spot where the map ended, they were surrounded by the spooky old ghost, the black cat, the bats, and the mummy.

The scarecrow appeared behind them.  The scarecrow said, “2. There is a pile of corn behind you where you will find the second clue.”

Jake moved the corn and found a flashlight.  They didn’t know what to do with the flashlight.  Frank turned it on and the ghost, black cat, mummy, and bats got scared of the light and ran away.

The scarecrow said, “3. Look in my hat!”

The kids ran to his hat and saw a key.  The map started to glow.  It had a new path on it.  They followed it and they saw the gate.  The key opened the gate with key.  They saw their mom waiting in her car.  They ran to her and drove home where they were safe and sound.

~Written by Mrs. Garziones’s Class





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