I Am

I-AmI am Yasmin Reyes.

I wonder how my future is going to be.

I hear what people want to say.

I see good not evil.

I want everyone in peace not violence.

I pretend that everyone is happy in the world.

I feel I will change the world in some good way.

I worry I will never follow my dreams.

I cry for what I fight for.

I understand I am not perfect.

I say we fight for what is right.

I dream the world will be in peace.

I am Yasmin Reyes


~Written by Yasmin Reyes

Mrs. Blaemire’s 4th grade student

June 2017

One thought on “I Am

  1. Yasmin, thank you for asking me to publish your “I Am” poem. It is a very moving poem. You did a great job. I am sure that many Scottie Scribes’ readers will be touched by your poem when they read it.

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