Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond School

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day George and the man with the yellow hat were walking around the city. They saw a big uppercase Y curious george 8hidden in the trees. They started walking closer to it. Ten seconds later, angry birds flew through the sky and attacked them. George was so scared that he climbed up the tree. He saw the slingshot and jumped on it. The slingshot shot him all the way to Loch Lomond School. He banged into the white brick.

After a few minutes, he felt better. He looked everywhere and then he found a door. He opened the door. He saw Mr. Nowak going to Mrs. Dominick’s classroom. George was curious. George followed Mr. Nowak.  Mr. Nowak was telling the class to do painting. One minute later… they started painting. George opened the door. He looked around the classroom and accidentally knocked into a desk. He dropped everything. George ran like a maniac out the door.

Next, he heard music. He followed the music and it led him to Ms. Miller’s class. He grabbed the door and opened it. Mrs. Taylor looked at him and said, “George, do you want to play the tambourine?” George said, “Yes.” He played with the tambourine. Suddenly, there was a big commotion so George ran away.

He found the cafeteria and went in. They forgot to close the place where you pick up your food, so George went in. He found a knife and some sausages. He chopped the sausages into smithereens. George ate all the little pieces.

Mrs. Werle came into the cafeteria and said, “George, please come into my office.” Mrs. Werle asked George, “Can you clean up my office, please?” George said, “Yes” and he cleaned up her desk. At the end of the day, the man with the yellow hat was waiting outside the school. They went in their car and drove away to their house.

~Written by Joshua


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