Curious George Parachutes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day George went to the airport. George and the man in the yellow hat were going to New York City. While curious_george_5they were on the plane, George saw a school. It was Loch Lomond School. He grabbed a parachute. He jumped out the door of the airplane. He ventured through the sky. George opened his parachute. When he reached the ground, he tumbled on to the school roof. George climbed down and he went in the school.

He went to the office. He asked where room 209 was. He knocked on the door. Mrs. Wright was there so George went in the room. He saw Mrs. Wright’s class moving desks for music. He moved some and they fell over onto  the floor. All the stuff from the desks fell out. Meanwhile… the man with the yellow hat got a call from the school. They told him that George had come to school. The man with the yellow hat gasped! He knew George had jumped out of the plane, but he did not know why.

Back at school, George had to clean up the mess he had made in Mrs. Wright’s classroom. George felt sad, so he cleaned up the mess from the desks. Then he slowly trudged out of the room. George saw Ms. Miley’s class playing volleyball. George wanted to play, so he grabbed the ball. He backed up and threw the ball. It hit the window, broke it and bounced and hit Mr. C. Mr. C fell on the floor and passed out! Mr. C. was taken to the nurse.

George got scared and ran away. He ran to the Art room. He walked in the room and nobody was there. Then he heard a class coming down the hall. He hid in a cabinet. George came out and the class was painting. George sat down and painted, but he got the paint all over everyone at his table. Mr. Nowak told George to clean up the mess and then to go home. George cleaned up the mess. Then he got on a bus to go to New York City to meet the man with the yellow hat.

~Written by Gabriella


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