Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day George and the man with the yellow hat went to the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. George curious georgewas excited when they entered the museum because he saw the gigantic elephant that was in the lobby. It reminded him of the elephants in the jungle where George once lived.

Then George and the man with the yellow hat went to see the dinosaurs. George saw the T-Rex, and hidden in a corner, George saw a box labeled, “CAUTION, time machine.” He was curious. George pushed a button on the time machine and suddenly, a live T-Rex came out of the box. George leaped on the T-Rex and he rode it to Loch Lomond School.

George had never been to a school so he was curious. George put the T-Rex in the bike parking area and tied him up at the bike rack. George walked to the front door and came into the school. George saw a yellow ball rolling on the floor. Suddenly a tall boy dashed out of a door and grabbed the ball. George was curious.

George followed the boy to the gym. Mrs. Miley’s class was playing Bowling Pin Knockdown. George watched them knock down tall, white pins with a blue volleyball. George wanted to play the game, too. George grabbed a ball and threw it at the pins. He didn’t knock any down so George tried again. He knocked one down. George got so excited he started monkey screeching and jumping up and down. George knocked all the pins over and raced out of the gym.

George ran down the hall and went into the Art room. Mrs. Wright’s class was weaving pictures. George saw the pile of paper strips and he got so excited! George threw the papers into the air. The art room was a disaster. The children could not finish their weavings because George had ruined the strips. Mr. Nowak said, “What in the world is going on?”

Mr. Nowak talked softly to George and told George to pick up the mess.  Mr. Nowak asked George to help him cut more paper strips. George wanted to help so he got a large pile of papers to cut into strips. He stepped on a glue bottle and tripped. All the papers tumbled to the floor. George tunneled through the papers and went out the door.

curious george3Suddenly, George heard a loud noise. George was curious. He dashed out the doors by the Art room and went to the playground. The second and third grade classes were there. George saw third graders playing basketball. One of the third graders shot the ball into the basket. George climbed up the basketball pole and grabbed the ball. George shot the ball to the basket on the opposite side of the court. The ball swished into the basket!

George jumped down and ran to the playground. He saw the kids on the monkey bars and he was curious. George climbed up the bars and swung upside down from his feet. The kids crowded around the monkey bars. They cheered, “Go, George, go!” Miss D. blew her whistle and her class lined up. George got in the line, too.

George went into the building with Ms. D’s class. When he saw the Art room, George remembered the problem with the paper strips. George went to Mr. Nowak and asked if he could help him. George picked up the paper scraps from the floor. He wiped the tables with the sponge and he put the pictures in the drying rack.

Soon the bell for dismissal rang. George left when they called for the walkers. He went back to the bike rack and the T-Rex was so happy to see George. The man with the yellow hat met George and they both rode the T-Rex home. George told the man in the yellow hat about his day at Loch Lomond.

~Written by Mrs. Wright’s 1st and 2nd grade class






2 thoughts on “Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

  1. I am so proud of my whole class for writing such a great story. I really liked the part when George was at the Natural History Museum and the elephant reminded him of the elephants in the jungle.

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