SOL Super Stars

A tall tale written with love especially for Mrs. Blaemire’s 4th grade students.

On Thursday at Loch Lomond School all the 4th grade students had to take their reading SOL. Everyone was nervous but they knew they had worked hard all year.

computer testWhen they arrived at school, a breakfast banquet was set up in the cafeteria. The pancakes were stacked 50 feet high. The bacon was in a pan as large as the table. There was 100 gallons of syrup for the pancakes. What everyone did not know was that the syrup contained a magic potion that would enable all the students who had worked hard this year to get Passed Advance on their test.

When they went back to the classroom, all the students got ready for the test. When they logged into the computer, everyone gasped because there were 5,000 questions to answer! The students were undaunted and they immediately set to work.

All the strategies they had learned this year popped into their heads. They knew all the answers. It took only a short time to answer all 5,000 questions.

When the students found out their scores, everyone earned a Passed Advance. They celebrated with a huge party. Mrs. Werle bought 2,000 pizzas, 500 bottles of juice and 2,200 cupcakes. They decided that the SOLs were not so bad after all.

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