Blackbeard the Pirate

Blackbeard was a famous pirate who stole loot from other ships. His real name was Edward Teach. He was born in Bristol, England, around 1680. No one knows very much blackbeardabout Blackbeard’s early life.

He got his ship by stealing other ships. He got his ship by taking command of  a large captured French ship. He renamed his ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge. He said his ship back and forth across the Southern Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

He got the name Blackbeard because of his long, black beard that had black ribbons tied in it. His ship’s flag had a person stabbing a heart and an hourglass. The hourglass showed that the victim only had a short time to live or a short time before Blackbeard would attack.

Blackbeard died on November 22, 1718, in a battle with Maynard’s ships. He was shot five times and then they threw him in the ocean.

It was fun learning about Blackbeard.

~Written by Jayden

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