Insulating Ice Pops

Last week in school we learned about conductors and insulators. We used hand warmers and thermometers to investigate different materials. We found out paper and foam were the best insulators.stem ice pops

Then we had to design a container that would keep the ice pops from melting for one hour. Before they were frozen we measured and the ice pops had 170 ml of liquid.

Our class designed 4 different containers to keep the ice pops frozen. We used paper boxes, plastic and foam. We put the ice pops in the containers and after one hour the ice pop in the best insulated container had only melted 4 ml! We checked the ice pops at 2 hours and 4 hours. By the end of the day, 5 hours later, only 44 ml had melted from the same ice pop. We discovered that plastic was the best insulator for our containers. It was fun doing the experiment.

~Written by Katherine – 2nd grade scientist

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