A Mind-Boggling Food Adventure

Once upon a time the kids from Room 209 had a mind-boggling adventure in Loch Lomond School’s cafeteria. Let me tell you what happened. The class lined up and it seemed like just _hot_dog_fighta normal day. The class walked quietly to the cafeteria and got their trays of food. That’s when the adventure began!

The cafeteria was serving hot dogs. So the class had hot dogs, ketchup, carrots, oranges and ice cream on their trays. Suddenly, one hot dog started yelling, “Hot dog army, arise!”

The hot dogs stood up and started attacking the children who were trying to eat them. The hot dogs also began squirting the ketchup on the kids and the table. The carrots joined together and formed helicopters. They began spraying the ketchup, too. The oranges said, “What is happening?” All the food answered, “Food Fight!”

The carrot helicopters began dropping the ketchup packets like bombs, the oranges started shooting out like cannonballs. One of the orange cannonballs hit the camera in the cafeteria and it fell on the floor. Then the ice cream jumped on the kids’ head.  There was a huge commotion in the cafeteria!

The children slid under the tables to protect themselves from the food fight. They knew they needed a plan to defeat the food. Some of the kids used their trays as shields to defend themselves. While the rest of the kids returned to the kitchen to get more forks. Then they chased the hot dogs and stuck them with their forks and started to eat the hot dog army. Some of the kids grabbed their plastic fruit cups and captured the oranges. They made a cage with the fruit cups and put the milk cartons on top to hold the oranges in the cage. The ice cream was melting! All the food said, “We surrender!”

Mrs. Werle stomped into the cafeteria. She gasped because the cafeteria looked like a disaster! Brandon told Mrs. Werle that the food started the food fight and the food had just surrendered. The leftover hot dogs started to clean up the mess. The oranges came out of their cages and also helped with the cleaning.

The kids thought everything was back to normal. No one noticed the hot dog that silently escaped from the cafeteria on Ralph’s motorcycle. He raced out the front door but the Scottie mascot statue sprang to life and then said, “Yum, yum.” All that remained was Ralph’s motorcycle.

~Written by Mrs. Wright’s 1st and 2nd grade class                                                              *Ralph’s motorcycle is from The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. The entire school is currently reading that great book.




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