Super Heroes

One day I dashed to the school playground with my crew. They were Brandon, Jaeden and Chris, but our arch enemy Marvin had a plan to stop us! So that means one thing…we have to stop him.

super-heroesAll of us had the power of super speed. Chris had the power of blowing up and then rejoining. I had the power of hypnotizing my opponents in their tracks. Brandon could fly without an airplane and Jaeden had the power to control the earth.

Marvin had found the crew on the playground. Jaeden shot a stalactite at Marvin but he dodged it. Then I confused Marvin by hypnotizing him with my cape.When he snapped out of it, Marvin chased the crew up the tower and we gasped.Then we went down the escape chute but Marvin was at the bottom. We used super speed to get away but I collapsed. Marvin found us again so Chris used his power of blowing up and rejoining himself. Once the smoke cleared Marvin was knocked out.

Then we brought him to jail. When Marvin noticed he was in jail he made a commotion. Marvin tried to get out of jail but he could not. Now Marvin knew that he was stuck in jail.

~Written by Will

This story is dedicated to Jaeden who moved to a new school. We hope you continue to use your super hero powers for good at your new school.  We miss you.  ~Mrs. Wright

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