The Amazing Adventure of Sparky, Ethan and Ducky

Once upon a time in a beautiful castle in the mountains lived a small black puppy named Sparky. He lived there with a little boy named Ethan and a friendly wild duck named Ducky. Every day they played Uno and ate chocolate cake.

Suddenly, they heard a loud THUMP! Sparky, Ethan and Ducky were very curious and they wanted to see what caused the slingshotnoise. They hurried outside because they thought the noise came from one of the castle towers. They heard another noise, looked up and saw something falling from the sky! “What is that?” asked Sparky. Ethan and Ducky said, “It looks like a giant chain and it just landed on the mountain top.”

They ran to the top of the mountain and Sparky noticed that explosives were attached to the chain. They saw a hot air balloon on the mountain and a large gray dog. He looked like Evil Dog. Evil Dog took a box of matches and started to light the long fuse on the explosives. Ethan, Sparky and Ducky gasped when they saw the lighted fuse. They had to come up with a plan.

Ducky quickly flew to the castle’s moat and filled up some water balls. Sparky raced down the mountain and got all the water balls. Ethan collected some tree branches and made a large sling shot. Ducky brought 6 water balls up to Sparky. Then he flew back to get some more balls. Sparky took the water balls up to Ethan. Soon they had 25 balls to put out the explosives.

Now they were ready. They hid the sling shot in the trees. As a team they began to launch the water balls. The first ball missed the lighted fuse. They tried again and they started to shoot the balls really fast. Evil Dog ripped some trees out of the ground and he began to smash the water balls. Ethan moved the sling shot so the water balls flew high in the air and then they dropped like bombs on the lighted fuse. The fuse sputtered, hissed and smoked and then it went out.

Evil Dog got mad and stomped his feet. He climbed back in his hot air balloon and flew away. Ethan, Sparky and Ducky celebrated because they had saved the world from destruction.

Written by Mrs. Wright’s 1st and 2nd Grade Class

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