Curious George Goes to Loch Lomond

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. He woke up one morning and went to breakfast and the man with the yellow hat said, “You are going to school.” curious george3 George asked, “What kind of school?” The man with the yellow hat said, “You are going to Loch Lomond School.”

He took his four-wheeler to school. He did not see anybody going in the building so he kept riding his four- wheeler. George was having fun. Then he saw people going in the school. So he parked his four-wheeler and went inside the building.

George went to Mr. C’s room and played football. He got so exited he accidentally broke a light. Mr. C yelled at George! He said, “Get out of here!” George was scared so he got out of the gym.

Next George went to the playground and he played with Mrs. Wright’s class. When the teacher said come in he did. George jumped off the swing, twisted and it accidentally broke. Mrs. Wright took him to the office. Then Mrs. Werle said George would have to fix the swing.

Next he went to Ms. Daily’s class. He knocked on the door but nobody answered. So he went in the door and he jumped on her desk. Then he was curious about the smartboard. He looked at the smartboard. George was sad because he did not have a smartboard at his house. George started to swing on the projector and it broke the smartboard. When Ms. Daily’s class came back from taking their math SOLs they were surprised to find George playing on the projector.

They picked up George and took him to the office. The principal said, “Not again!” She asked, “How curious are you?”  George did not answer so he sat in Mrs. Werle’s office. He finally talked and he said, “I will replace everything I broke.” She said, “That is going to be $8,000 to pay.” George said, “I need a job.” She said, “You can work here.”

Soon it was near the end of the day. They had 10 minutes left of school. When they called for walkers, George rode his four wheeler home. He went inside his house. The man with the yellow hat said, “Go to your room because you owe $8,000.” George was scared so he went to his room. He finally got out of his room and George explained that he going to work at Loch Lomond to pay for the two things he broke.

~written by Daniel

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