Playground Fun

One day Bailee, Damaris and I saw Kiara playing hide and go seek. We decided to go to the school playground. I went to the playground 2slide. I went down the slide and I noticed I started going faster and faster. Suddenly I flew to Egypt. I was surprised! Then I flew back.

Next, Bailee was on the monkey bars. Bailee did not think it was a good idea because she knew I had gone to Egypt. Damaris and I got her to the monkey bars. She did 5,000 trips across the monkey bars and stayed on them for 3 days. We said, “STOP!” Then she stopped.  We said let Damaris get a turns so Damaris went to the swing. She jumped off and BROKE the window to Mrs. Ross’ room.

When we were done playing we told the whole school about our adventures. The reporter told it to the news and now we are famous.

A tall tale written by Jasmine

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