One Weird Day

One weird day Melvin and Fernando went walking through the woods. We saw vines hanging from the trees.  There was a vine man swinging vinethat was super long. My dad grabbed on to the strange vine and it started to swing. My dad was surprised when he got to Disney World. My dad jumped back to us.

Then we saw a space alien at Disney world. We thought he was wearing a costume but he took us all the way to the moon. There were weird people sleeping on the moon and they were floating. Something pulled us to the bottom of the moon. It was scary in the bottom of the world. After that a tornado came and took us all the way to China! We tried to go back home but we had no car so we had to stay there for our rest of our lives.

Fernando said it is going to be a hard and tough day. We all agreed. I said I wanted to go back home. My dad said we will go back home one day. I said I hope we go today. We were all tired so we slept for a long time.

A tall tale written by Melvin

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