The Shark-Headed Goat

Today I checked the list. We’re getting a new animal! Huh? What is that? I checked. It was a box with air holes. It had a stamp that said DANGEROUS! I was excited. I opened it and saw a shark-headed goat.

It likes to eat grass, fish, whales, skunks, berries, and sometimes bats. Well, do you think it’s hungry? Hhhmmm….

The book said it lives in grassland, forests, oceans, zoos, and deserts. First it is a yunk, then kid, teen, and adult. Wow! It can live for 3,025 years if its predators – bears, tigers, lions, and porcupines don’t eat it. For adaptation, it has sharp teeth, a stinger to poison the enemy, sharp claws to catch prey, and it’s also nocturnal.

We’re lucky it’s asleep. We put him in the cage. We had the weirdest day to be honest!

Written by Roony

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