The Petie

Like every Friday, I clean the cages, feed the animals, make sure they are healthy, and give customers maps. But today was different. Just as I was about to leave, I saw a wooden box with air holes on top. The box was stamped DANGEROUS. I quickly called my manager into my office. I slowly opened the box and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw a PETIE!

I quickly placed a net over it so it wouldn’t fly away and become a fake flower petal. I quickly told my manager to find a cage with lots of flies and ants so the petie can eat, and to make sure no sneaky snakes or ducks get in, so they won’t eat the petie.

Peties are carnivores. Peties live in flowers, trees, fields, and grass, so peties are impossible to find in deserts. Peties have tongues to catch their prey. Peties are impossible to find because they blend in with the other flower petals, and it folds its wings back so it won’t get noticed. Peties are born without wings so it can’t fly, and when they’re born, they’re green so they blend in with the grass. A group of eggs is called a “flower.” When a petie grows bigger, it grows tiny wings. When the petie is an adult, it has wings so it can fly.

I told my manager the facts, and my manager said, “Interesting.” My manager decided to keep it in the zoo for other customers to see.

Written by Amy

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