The Lupper

One Friday I was searching on Google for a new animal to show at my zoo. Then I found one. The animal’s name was lupper. So I went to Amazon to buy one or two. Next the animal arrived in a large box marked DANGEROUS, so I knew this wouldn’t go well.

I knew it would wreck my zoo, the Disney Zoo. So I called Mrs. Dominick from the Blue Ridge Zoo. She didn’t come, so I called Mauricio from the Valley and Ridge Zoo. I was holding a box, and Mauricio was holding a net in case one of us was not fast enough. But it was a good thing we did research together. We found out they HATE BOXES! So I got myself a net, too.

Then the moment of truth. Time to pry open the box. We thought we were going to get a life killing monster, but instead we got a lexi. You are all wondering: Wait, you were talking about a lupper, now what in the world is a lexi? A lexi is a baby-like lupper. It only has a head when it’s born. It doesn’t have poison or teeth. But since luppers eat humans, we still had to be careful. We had a lot of trouble containing it because it was freaking out. So we locked it in a cage until we got its habitat ready.

Some of you guys are asking what’s its habitat like? It lives in a city-like habitat. It lives in old shoes, sinks, and old tissue boxes. So we put a tissue box in a tube next to a chameleon’s tube. We put a tissue box in there with a bunch of leaves, bushes, and small plum trees. We quickly got it in its tube.

Come visit the now big lupper at the Disney Zoo. The teen lupper will continue to grow until it is a lupper. It has started to grow sharp teeth and poison and has a body. So come visit the Disney Zoo to see the lupper.

Written by Melissa

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