The Hungar

In Australia at the Australian Zoo, it was very windy on a Tuesday. I had a package that was supposed to be delivered, but never showed up. So I went to the doors. There I found something interesting. I found a box that had DANGEROUS on it.

The next day, I grabbed the box and went to the office of Ms. Aqua. I was surprised that she was there working on a turtle’s hurt flipper. I took the box closer to her. We felt a shock. Then we opened the box slowly. There was a hungar in the box!

The hungar first starts out as a routh. A routh mostly only can stand. A routh can grow horns in two years. When a routh completely grows its horns, it can live with its parents for six more years. The female hungar mates with a male. Two years later, the female can have babies.

A hungar uses its sharp tail to feel things. A male hungar uses its horn to defend itself from predators. A female hungar uses its horn to smell and defend. A hungar can live up to 128 years.

The hungar is an herbivore. A hungar eats berries, grass, seeds, and wheat. A wolf eats a hungar for meat. A human kills a hungar for skin. A kangaroo hunts a hungar to get the energy when food is hard to find.

Now I have to make a habitat for the hungar. It will be one of the rarest animals here at the Australian Zoo. If you want to see the hungar, one of the rarest creatures, on the planet, come to the Australian Zoo.

Written by Margaret

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