I thought it was going to be a regular Friday, the kids coming to see the animals here at the Virginia Zoo, but I was wrong! When I got to work, I saw a big, red box stamped dangerous! I called the boss, Jose, and the vet, Rosy. Hey! I wasn’t going to see this dangerous animal alone!

When we opened the box, it was a monkrab! Luckily I had researched the monkrab before. It has four dangerous parts – its claws, laser eye vision, strong tail, and it’s poisonous, but only to its prey. So I knew it wasn’t going to hurt us. So I figured we could put it out to show. The boss thought that was a great idea!

So the gates opened and the monkrab was in a cage. The kids wanted to know all about the monkrab so I told them. Baby monkrabs are called monks. Mother monkrabs lay their eggs in the sand and four months later they hatch. Baby monkrabs grow their wings in spring. The mother feeds the monk sardines or apples. They eat everything except humans. They live near beaches, wetlands, underwater, and near oceans and rainforests. Its predators are sharks and octopi.

The kids kept looking and taking pictures and asking if they could feed it. I said, “No.” Six hours later the gates were closed, but I know the kids will come back.

Written by Haley

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