When I woke up today, it seemed like an ordinary day. Boy that was going to change! I got prepared for work at the zoo, I got in my van and drove there. The animals needed their breakfast. I got food one by one. I was exhausted after that. I went to get a drink, but I decided to check on the other workers and see how they were doing. Everything was fine until I checked on Alex.

When I entered the room, I saw Alex with a box. I asked him what it was. He didn’t know either. He decided to open the box, so I went with him. I grabbed the net ready to catch it. When he opened the box, I dropped the net. When I saw what was in the box, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was alive! But I couldn’t see what it was. Then Alex reached into the box. I suddenly realized what it was. “Wait! Don’t open it!” I said, but I was too late.

“Ow!” Alex said. “Ow, ow, ow!” He was jumping all around the room. Then he said, “I need to get a bandage,” and went out of the room.

I couldn’t resist but to giggle a bit. Then I put some gloves on and reached in to grab the rare animal. Just then Alex came in with a bandage on his thumb. “So what happened? What’s in the box?” he asked. I showed him the rare animal. “Wow! Amazing! It’s a rare cookaril.” Luckily we read about them before.

They live in trees, and they eat bugs and grass. This one was a baby. I went right to work building the habitat. I had to get trees in the habitat. I also needed to catch bugs for food. I also built a hill with a cave. Alex took care of it. A week later we were done. We put the exotic animal in its habitat. Then the people came.

A lot of people were bewildered by the new habitat because they couldn’t find the animal. We searched everywhere. Then Alex told me he could have forgotten to lock the door. I couldn’t help myself by doing a face plant. Fortunately we found some tracks. We followed them, but they soon dried out. We checked trees for one hour and couldn’t find it. We went over our facts. Cookarils can use camouflage to help hide from predators like lions, bears, and wolves. It has a sticky tongue for catching bugs. Then we remembered they also live near hills. We ran over to the nearest hill. I waited for a couple minutes until Alex came back holding the cookaril in his hands. We took it back to the zoo.

The cookaril was out most popular attraction. Then I realized I never got my drink. Thirstily I took a big, satisfying sip. Today was a weird day!

Written by Karby

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