I am a zookeeper at Southside Zoo.  I was closing up Southside for the winter when I saw a box marked DANGEROUS!!!!  I open the box and grab the creature as fast as I can.  It tried to bite me.  Then I realized it was a bloodwing!!!  I pull out my guide book and read it.  I find the bloodwing page.  I put the bloodwing in a cage.

It looked hungry.  I read that it eats cherries, berries, mice, beetles, corn, and raccoons.  Its predators are bears, humans, and sharks.  I stop reading and give the bloodwing some cherries.

It lives in North and South America.  It migrates from North to South America so it can find warmer weather.

The bloodwing has helpful adaptations, too.  It has large, spiky teeth.  On its back legs it has tiny spikes.  The bloodwing has a sharp beak.  It has horns on its head.

The bloodwing has pink fur when it’s born.  I stop reading and look at it.  “It’s pink,” I say.  Then I continue reading.  Its back, feet and teeth are round or not grown when young.  In two years, it will be mature and old enough to mate.  The bloodwing will lay eggs 30 to 40 days after matting.  It can live for 8 – 36 years!!!

“Now I have a bloodwing!!!” I say proudly.  Come to the Southside Zoo to see the bloodwing when we open next spring!!!

Written by Liam

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